Spring fashion observations

Ella Harpster, Reporter

This year has been full of many difficulties for everyone around the world, but many have coped by stepping up their style. Many people are finding themselves wanting to change and spice up their looks.

This spring has appeared out of nowhere with flowers blooming everywhere and the weather getting a bit warmer. Students and teachers adapted to the season change by changing what they wear, which has been seen through the colorful outfits in the halls. Brightly- pigmented colors have become popular this spring. Many people wear light colors in the springtime because wearing darker colors tends to make your body feel warmer. Heat is attracted to the color black according to Should You Wear White or Black on Hot Days? It states that black radiates more heat than the color white or lighter colors. Students and teachers are also wearing more pastel tones. The pastel tones give off calming and happy vibes.

Girls are also wearing new hairstyles this spring. Claw clips are becoming a very popular item again. According to The ’90s Claw Clip, in 1997 claw clips were invented to help with medium to long hair to stay off the back of one’s neck, and they were also used to style outfits. 

As the weather warms, students at Bellefonte High are now wearing t-shirts and shorts. Biker shorts are very popular lately for girls. They are usually made from cotton fabric and they go down just above the knee. Students can style them with big baggy shirts or sweatshirts. It all depends on one’s preference. 

Boys are wearing athletic Nike baggy shorts, and these shorts come in all different colors. Everyone is brightening their wardrobe for spring. 

 Masks are getting fancier and more fun too. When students walk throughout the halls and go into classrooms, they can see others wearing masks that have flowers, polka dots, and other patterns. The masks come in many colors recently too. Black face masks are very popular because they match mostly all outfits. 

The Lock Boutique in downtown Bellefonte has recently dropped many new spring items. Teachers and students can go check out their website at https://lock-style.com/. They have many bright colors and accessories too to go with any style. Lock Boutique also has many different options to choose from. The boutique has many pastel colors and light colors as well. 

Another popular thing this spring is different color fingernails. Girls will go to the nail salon and ask for many types of varies of the same color. For example,  if they wanted pink they would get dark pink, light pink, and many other types of pink. Funky nails have made a big break this spring with many students getting brightly colored nails with fun patterns. 

Overall, springtime is all about bright colors and pastel colors. During this season, you can wear whatever you want that makes you comfortable and confident.