Trylle Trilogy’s first book 

Hope Martin, Reporter

The Trylle series’ first book, Switched, by author Amanda Hocking, is a great book for people who don’t know what to read next. Not only is the cover to the book stunning, but the story keeps you hooked and has new twisting events throughout the entire book that will keep you reading for hours. 

The book is a war of morals, romance, and passion. It is also a great read if you enjoy fantasies, romance, royalty, and forbidden love. 

Switched is about the seventeen year-old main character, Wendy Everly, who has not only just found out that she is a changeling (a baby switched at birth with another baby), but she also learns about what and who she is expected to become. As a six year-old child, Wendy’s host mother, Kim, attempted to murder Wendy, claiming that she was a monster and dangerous. She craved a set of parents that would love her, a place to belong, and above all, Finn Holmes: the man that she could never have.  

Wendy’s first impression of Finn was that he was a creepy stalker. He would stare at her and follow her places. When she got to know why he was following her though, her feelings for him hit her hard. She could no longer ignore her attraction to him. However, Finn had to ignore his feelings for Wendy.

Because of Finn’s place on the social scale, he could never be with Wendy. However, the longer 

that they were around each other, the more that the feelings grew. They now have to decide if they want to follow their attraction to each other and risk everything or do what is best for the kingdom and continue to ignore their attraction to each other.  

The first and second book of the series would be a good fit for teenagers and young adults, however, readers should be warned that there are some instances of abuse in the first book.  The third book should be read by mature audiences only, due to vivid violence and adult situations. 

I personally prefer the second and the third book more than I prefer the first, mostly because my favorite guy character comes in during the second book and during the third book the characters’ romance develops and turns into beauty. 

As an overall rating, I would have to give the first book a 9.5 out of 10. I absolutely loved this book and I’ve read the entire Trilogy a total of 5 times. The only reason that the first book isn’t quite a ten is because I felt that the second and third book were better.