Tips for surviving finals

Lia Miner, Entertainment Editor

With the end of the year nearby, finals are just around the corner.. Finals bring a lot of stress and worry among the students. Therefore, proper study habits and time management is important in order to tackle finals and minimize stress. 

With technology always advancing, there are many free online resources that can aid in studying. Quizlet is a popular website to make flash cards. According to Peterson’s, “Flashcards give your brain a very quick way to check if you got the answer correct. Grading your own work is an act of self-reflection which deepens memory.” This is an efficient way to study if you do not have other peers to study with or if you do not have paper notecards and its free. 

Sitting in the house or one’s bedroom has the ability to cause distractions, so changing locations and finding a new place to study can do wonders. Places in Bellefonte include Bonfattos or Barnes and Noble, or if one is willing to travel to State College there are multiple cafes and Starbucks to set up shop.

Along with beneficial study habits, time management is essential when studying for finals. The time you dedicate to yourself is important. During the time period you study, prioritizing time to study over plans. 

With a global pandemic still going on, a lot of teachers have resorted to giving projects for midterms and now finals. Projects can be more time consuming, however, some teachers may allow partners. Choosing a partner is very important as they need to be someone you can trust to do their parts of the assignment. Having efficient time management is important. Projects can be easier to complete when one divides the workload into multiple days. Working on small bits of projects day by day can decrease one’s stress level so it’s not so overwhelming. 

Whether your finals are in test or project format, It’s important to remember to keep calm and do your best.