Lacrosse taking the lead

Hope Martin, Reporter

During a normal year, the enjoyment of the practices and games would flow through the lacrosse team as they ran onto the field, breathing freely without the restraints of masks. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on some challenges with the boys’ and girls’ lacrosse season, as players adapt to the new regulations. However, they have not let the regulations stop them. 

With a record of 3-3 for the boys and 4-1 for the girls, both lacrosse teams have shown that the pandemic will not stop them from making this a great season.  

Due to the loss of a season last year, there have been some struggles among the team. Everyone was prepared for a great year of lacrosse last year, and then, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Everything came to an abrupt stop. According to junior Molly Mckee on the girls’ varsity lacrosse team, it is more difficult to get the team to work well together with so many teammates not having any experience with lacrosse due to the loss of the season last year. However, they are learning to work together and teach newer players how to do their best. 

One of the newest obstacles this year is that now, the coaches have to teach not only the freshman, but also the sophomores how to play lacrosse at a high school level since the sophomores didn’t get much of a chance to learn last season.

Another major obstacle on the boys’ team, according to senior Harrison Herr, is the constant threat of being quarantined. 

“Due to contact tracing, there has been a lack of players, making it difficult to practice,” he said. Harrison isn’t the only person that feels threatened by the possibility of being quarantined. 

“Our season has been really crazy with cancellations, and many players have been quarantined. I personally have missed three weeks of my senior season due to contact tracing,” senior Sadie Belsky said.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many obstacles for the team, the team has still stuck together and are doing their best to learn and improve their skills.  

“The energy the team has before and after games is just so captivating. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.” Molly said.