A trip like no other


Mrs. Kelley Kreiger

Seniors traveled to Hershey Park for a day trip.

Lia Miner, Entertainment Editor

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bellefonte High seniors were forced to adapt to the situation and attend a pandemic-friendly Senior Trip. In years past, students traveled to locations including Boston, New York City, and even Toronto.

On Friday April 30, the Senior Class traveled to Hershey Park for their Senior Trip. Many teachers attended as chaperones as well. Government teachers Mrs. Durney and Dr. Martin, English teachers Mrs. Kreiger and Miss Beury, math teacher Mr.Virgilio, health and physical education teacher Mr. Diehl, Reading Specialist Mrs. Rodgers, and paraeducator Mr. Edmondson all attended with the students.

Everyone was looking forward to this trip, but when they arrived they discovered that most of the rides were shut down due to the high winds that day. However, the Comet, the Trailblazer, the Lightning Racers, the Great Bear, and the Wildcat were some of the few roller coasters that were open. The seniors and chaperones made the best of it despite the high winds.

“I think the trip was a success. Even though many rides were closed due to the wind advisory, we were able to enjoy the day outdoors and students all had the chance to get a free voucher for a future trip to Hershey Park. It was great to see the Senior Class be able to enjoy this opportunity, even if it wasn’t the trip we were hoping for,” Senior Class Advisor Miss Beury said.

Regardless of the windy weather, this was one of the first fun things on the list for the Senior Class. At the end of senior year, there are many activities and events held for the seniors. These events kicked off this year with the Class Trip. This trip was especially enjoyable with the simple aspect of being outdoors instead of stuck inside due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. It was the first field trip most of the seniors have had in a very long time due to the pandemic, so it was something that everyone was looking forward to.

“It was so nice to be outside of the classroom and to be able to enjoy everyone outside of school. While it stunk that some rides didn’t even open, I had a great day,” Mrs. Durney said.

Regardless of the weather, the students had a blast due to the fact this is one of the only fun activities the seniors have experienced.

“After a year of not having any activities, it was great to get out and do something with my friends. Even though we couldn’t go too far for our Senior Trip it was still a great time and I am glad I went,” senior Nathan Taylor said.

Even though everyone could not go on most of the rides, they still had a blast with their friends just walking around the park for the day. Everyone got a free ticket to come again this summer, so the seniors all plan on going back on a nice day to try all of the rides.

The Class of 2021 overcame a lot this year, and the fact that the class trip was affected by weather just shows how they can come together to really make the best out of any situation. It was definitely a fun trip that the Class of 2021 will never forget.