Student Council raises nearly $10,000

The annual Mini-THON held at BAHS helps fund the Four Diamonds in their efforts in fighting childhood cancer


Jace Beauton, Reporter

Four Diamonds’ Mini-THON and THON events are opportunities for students at schools and universities across the United States to be empowered leaders. Participants help fight and work towards conquering childhood cancer. Last year, Penn State raised more than $11 million to help this fight. This year, THON weekend at Penn State raised a grand total of $10.6 million.

Bellefonte Area High School’s Student Council holds a Mini-THON event to raise money for the Four Diamonds Fund each year. In past years, events have been held throughout the school year to help raise money, but this year was different because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Student Council aired Mini-THON videos during the morning announcements, and teachers encouraged students and other community members to help spread the word and donate to the fund. This year, the Student Council challenged the departments within the school to raise money through online donations and by spreading the word to their friends and family outside of the high school. The departments were encouraged to compete against each other to see which department was able to raise the most money.

The Social Studies and Guidance Departments won by raising over $2,000. A total of $5,555 was raised amongst the entire faculty and staff. Overall, the Student Council donated about $10,000 to the Four Diamonds Fund this year.

Student Council members raised money through online donations as well. Members senior Kaitlyn Berkey, freshman Julia Huntsinger, sophomore Maya Knupp, senior Rianna Morris, and sophomore Kate Rarrick raised $2,125 combined.

“Four Diamonds is such a great organization…It has truly inspired me and changed my life. I cannot wait to continue fighting for the kids at PSU,” Kaitlyn said.

Each year presents new challenges to the Student Council as they plan the event. This year was especially unique amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are still trying to find ways to get the whole student body involved,” English teacher and Student Council Advisor Miss Jennifer Richardson said. “In the past, we have held student events such as dodgeball and a dance to raise money for Mini-THON. We have also placed cans in local businesses to collect change for the cause.”

This year, the Student Council hosted a Cornhole Tournament on May 1. Teams of students and teachers were made up of two people and some spectators attended after paying a fee. The winners of the tournament were senior Connor Walker and junior Tayla Miller.

“My partner and I are simply the best and we knew that going into it,” Connor said. “It went exactly as we said it would to them [Mr. Virgilio and Mr. Weigold] before the tournament. We cruised to the winner’s spot and waited for them to make a comeback out of the losers bracket. Glad we all got to get out and have a great tournament for the kids.”

Announced on March 19, shirts advertising Mini-THON were also sold at $13 a piece. These shirts were gifted to Tayla and Connor for winning the tournament, and the the money that has been made through the additional sales was put towards the school’s donation to Four Diamonds.

Rianna has experienced many changes of the event due to the COVID-19 pandemic, making this year’s Mini-THON unlike any other in the past.

“I have been involved in Mini-THON for four years. Every year brings new changes and new experiences. This year is no different,” she said.

Although obstacles have made it a bit more challenging to actively raise money for the Four Diamonds, many students remained optimistic that they would reach their goal and raise as much as they could for the kids.

“I have been in charge of the fundraisers and how to raise money. I have donated, myself, the most I have since I have been involved. I feel like I have made a great impact on Four Diamonds this year,” Rianna said.

The impact that Bellefonte High has made on Four Diamonds has been monumental, and many people are proud to be able to help contribute to this cause. Although the pandemic presented many new challenges to this year’s Mini-THON, the Student Council was able to overcome this obstacle and raise money to go towards an amazing cause.