A teacher who took on a major challenge


Red and White Staff

Miss Kaysey Beury

Connor Bernier, Reporter

The Class of 2021 has had a rough go about for the end of their high school career. With the COVID-19 pandemic changing their junior and senior years, the Class Cabinet has had to make tough decisions for their class. One teacher took on the task of being the Class Advisor for the Class of 2021, and did it solo for a year. Miss Kaysey Beury is an English teacher at Bellefonte High and she has been the Class of 2021 Advisor for the past four years.

During their freshman year, the Class of 2021 was new and ready to start planning their high school career, and they started off with two advisors: Miss Beury and Miss Davis. Later in the year, former teacher Miss Davis moved away and Miss Beury had the thankless task of being a solo class advisor. The Class of 2021’s freshman year had to make a Homecoming float for the Egyptian theme and had no idea what to do. Regardless, Miss Beury took on the challenge, organized work days, and brought materials to make sure we at least had something. She ran around making sure we had everything in order and allowed us to have a fun time on parade day.

The next year a fellow English teacher, Mrs. Kelley Kreiger joined the team and gave the Cabinet some more room to grow by taking off a lot of weight from Miss Beury’s shoulders.

“Miss Beury has been an amazing co-advisor the past few years. It’s been so much fun working with her and getting to know her,” Mrs. Kreiger said.

Mrs. Kreiger expressed her gratitude and explained the dedication Miss Beury had, describing that “she was always so well organized and was the one who dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s.”

Even though Miss Beury dove head first into the role of class advisor, she still had a wonderful time.
“This has been a learning experience for me as a young teacher… and it’s hard for me to believe that the Class of 2021 is graduating already.”

Not only has she shown the class her dedication and effort, she has shown us her heart and created an unbreakable bond with the Class of 2021 Cabinet.

“You folks have worked hard on all of the events we were a part of… the dedication that [Connor] and Nathan in particular have shown has been nothing short of impressive.”

Miss Beury would also like to share some advice with the Class of 2021 as a send off.

“It may not seem like it now, but this year will probably impact you more than any other… the Class of 2021 has persevered and made the best out of this situation…your class has done a lot of growing over the last few years and I have no doubt you will do great things in the future.”

As the vice president of the class, I have worked with Miss Beury for the past four years. I wanted to shine light on the pure hard work and dedication she has put into this class and the love she has shown for the people in it. She is nothing short of a superhero and I hope that in the years to come she can pick up another freshman class and impact them the same way she did for ours. So, to Miss Beury, from the Class of 2021, we want to say thank you for a wonderful and unforgettable four years.