A role model at Bellefonte High


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Senior Meredith Frey

Amaya Rothrock, Editor in Chief

Senior Meredith Frey has made quite an impact on Bellefonte High. With her friendly and outgoing personality, she will be greatly missed in our community. Meredith has been involved in Concert Band, Marching Band, National Honor Society (NHS), Symphony Orchestra, serves as the Vice President of Spanish Honor Society (SHS), secretary of the band, and she is the Student Coach for Raider Revolution. She was also an athlete on the swimming and track and field teams.

“From my involvement, I learned how to balance my time and activities as well as leadership skills,” she said.

Meredith will be continuing her education after high school at Penn State University. There she will study Kinesiology and will also be in the Marine Corps Naval Reserves Officers Training Corps (NROTC). Meredith came to this decision for her future simply because of her passion for kinesiology and the military.

“I knew I’d have fun with this major and have always wanted to be in the military,” Meredith said.

She is a student who is openly willing to learn. Meredith shows up to all of her classes with a smile and prepared to learn, and she does not let any obstacles stand in her way.

“Meredith is bright and hard-working, but she doesn’t use those 2 traits to skate by the easy way. She gives 110% effort in everything and appreciates the challenges that help her grow and learn more. She is curious and thinks critically, hungry to learn more, understand more, and know more,” Spanish teacher Ms. Emily McManus (Profe) said.

Meredith has been a student of Profe’s all four years of her high school experience, and Profe is grateful for her opportunity to teach her.

“I enjoyed working with Meredith over a period of 4 years where I got to witness her grow and mature into the adult she is now. Watching and taking part in her growth is a very rewarding experience. I will also remember working closely with Meredith for the World Language Summer Camp,” Profe said.

Outside of school, Meredith spends a lot of time just hanging out with her friends. She has created some close friendships during her time spent at Bellefonte High.

“Meredith is a kind and considerate person who always looks out for her friends. She is a great person all around,” senior Eddie Henry said.

While Meredith is very studious and spends a great deal of time participating in her extracurricular activities, she still makes time to be adventurous with her friends.

“My favorite memory is spending the night at her house with our friend group and swimming at two in the morning,” Eddie said.

Eddie values his friendship with Meredith. He sees her as a person he can always look to for a good time.

Meredith is a great friend to many and a friendly face everyone can count on. Her outgoing personality along with her strong work ethic will no doubt bring her a successful future.