A scientific and skilled senior


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Senior Jessica Eckard

Lilly Guenther, Reporter

Throughout her high school career, Bellefonte Area High School senior Jessica Eckard has excelled in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. With graduation quickly approaching, she reflects on the last four years and anticipates the beginning of the next chapter of her life.

Jessica has participated in a variety of athletics, clubs, and other organizations throughout the last few years. She played lacrosse for the high school for three years, and soccer for two. She was also involved in orchestra from her freshman through her junior years.

She currently holds the position of treasurer for Spanish Honor Society, and is also involved in National Honor Society and Academic Decathlon.

Jessica is a motivated and dedicated student. She has an interest in science and plans to attend Penn State University Main Campus, majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology at the Eberly College of Science. After that, she hopes to attend graduate school for the same subjects, and to have a career specializing in cancer research and treatment development.

“I’ve always known that I wanted to do something with science in the future, as math and science were always my strong suits,” she said. “What really solidified it though was taking AP Biology my junior year. That class was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken, and I knew for certain that biology was the field that I wanted to work in for the rest of my life.”

AP Biology is taught by Mr. Christopher Freidhoff. He recognizes Jessica as a committed and talented individual.

“Jessica was one of my top students last year in AP Biology…a very intelligent and hard-working individual who has a bright future in science. I am positive that she will achieve any goal she sets her mind on. Jessica has a very scientific way of approaching life and I am very glad I had the chance to teach her,” he said.

While Jessica values her studies, she also believes that is important and necessary to balance school activities with hobbies and personal, non-academic, interests. Two such activities that she enjoys are reading and gardening. She shares advice for maintaining a well-balanced schedule and life.

“I try to keep myself motivated by taking time away from academics to focus on myself and my hobbies. That way, I don’t get as stressed. I also try to work ahead on homework… participating in school activities and surrounding yourself with positive people makes school much more enjoyable.”

Jessica is a focused, dedicated, and talented individual who has big plans for her future. Throughout her high school experience, she has shown this through her commitment to each of the things does.

“My advice for students is to not overwhelm yourself and to try to start each day with a positive attitude. It’s difficult sometimes, but it truly will change your day for the better,” she said.

She inspires others to work hard, and urges younger students to

“Enjoy high school while you can. It will be over before you know it. You’ll make memories here that will last a lifetime.”