A silent powerhouse


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Senior Jenna Wakefield

Keri Carroll, Opinion and Features Editor

Jenna Wakefield is a star student. From gymnastics to math equations, she has been able to shine these past four years at Bellefonte High.

Jenna excels academically in school and belongs to a few different clubs. She is part of both Spanish Honor Society and National Honor Society. She is currently enrolled in three AP classes, including AP Spanish 5, AP Calculus AB, and AP Biology.

Jenna is ranked as one of the top students in the Senior Class of 2021. Math teacher Mrs. Sue Besch described her as “so very meticulous.” Mrs. Besch acknowledges that one of Jenna’s academic talents are the notes she takes.

“I have not seen another student who takes such awesome notes as Miss Jenna.”

Outside of school, Jenna was also a manager of the Bellefonte High gymnastics team for the past three years.

“I was a member of the gymnastics team my freshman year but was injured and not cleared to come back so I became the manager of the team the following year.”

Fellow senior Sam Hackenberg is one of Jenna’s former teammates.

“Jenna kept everything organized and was the only reason we ever knew when it was our turn to compete,” Sam said.

After high school, Jenna is planning to continue her education at Lock Haven University. She plans to be a part of their 3+2 Accelerated PA (Physician’s Assistant) program, and hopes to find a job that will keep her close to her loved ones.

“If she was the PA for my kiddos, I would feel extremely safe and confident with any diagnosis or medications she would provide. Her meticulous work ethic and helpfulness will make her the World’s Best Pediatric PA,” Mrs. Besch said.

Jenna was able to find interest in the medical field after being diagnosed with Type One Diabetes in elementary school.

“I think the further push was when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Type one has a lot of misconceptions around it but it has definitely made me the person I am today,” Jenna said.

Regardless of all the craziness Jenna has to juggle daily, she still makes time to enjoy herself. She enjoys running and spending time with her family and dog. She makes it clear how important to her friendship and family is.

“I’m grateful for the journey of finding genuine friendship, people that will stick with you and help you shape the person you are.”

Mrs. Besch compares Jenna’s character to the phrase, “I want to be like Mike.”

“I would love to be like Jenna. She is forced to make the right choices as her life depends on it daily and most people don’t even know how strong she is,” Mrs. Besch said.

Jenna Wakefield has great possibilities for her future. It is obvious how hardworking, strong, and loved she is. Although she may keep to herself more, no one should allow that to fool them. She is what Mrs. Besch describes, “a silent powerhouse.”

As Jenna leaves Bellefonte High, she shares one final piece of advice to younger students.

“People like labels but it doesn’t matter how smart you are, or how smart you think you are, it’s all about the time and effort you put into everything you do.”