Softball swinging through the season


LaBelle Staff

The softball team players on the field during a spring game.

Maddie Morelli, Sports Editor

After the lack of a season in the spring of 2020, the Bellefonte Lady Raiders softball team is grateful to be playing this spring. They are making the most of their opportunities, and are on a hunt for success.

“With it being my senior year I hope to have a shot at districts and get my third career win on the varsity team since last year the season ended early. And, that we get a chance to win states,” senior Lily Gardner said.

Of course, this goal won’t come easily. As the COVID-19 pandemic has presented obstacles for all student athletes, and the team as whole. New guidelines, as well as contact tracing has forced the girls to adapt quickly and overcome hardships that have never been seen before.

“The main obstacles that we have faced are quarantines that have occurred to me and some of our players. We don’t really have control over that so it’s definitely hard when it happens the day of a game or day before, because you have to fill in where that person was playing, I think we have done a good job for stepping up when we need to and filling in for those who aren’t there,” senior Maddie Tice said.

Although the team has been jumping over hurdles all year due to COVID, they work through it. With an already competitive and driven team, these hardships only seem to be motivating them further.

“Although this year has been different, I would say we are closer than ever because of all the struggles we have been through. We have had girls dropping left and right because of COVID and we come together and push through it,” senior Makenna Port said.

Their strength as a team seems to be what sets them apart from their opponents. With a team that loves each other and the game, they have a strong bond that makes their play even better.

“Our team is very close. I think that’s one of the reasons we are so successful. We all love to be around each other and that makes the game so much more enjoyable,” Maddie said.

With a team that has such high standards, they are always prepared and motivated to take on their opponent. Any loss, they take as an opportunity to learn and win.

“The biggest obstacle would be being Mountain League champions. We have to beat Bald Eagle to do that, and after losing once, we are determined to beat them. We are practicing and playing as hard as ever to prepare for that game,” Makenna said.

No matter what the outcome of games are, the girls are thankful to be playing. A driven and motivated group that loves the game allows for the girls to make unforgettable memories. They’re always having fun on and off the field.

“One of my favorite memories from the year so far is playing games at practice. Just being able to have fun and not be directly related to softball is always enjoyable,” Maddie said.

As of press time the softball team will be competing in the district championship on Wednesday, May 26.