The spunky senior full of laughs and fun

Samantha Grieb, Website Manager

From being a class clown, to being involved in a multitude of sports, to working at a local pet store, senior Hana Rados has done it all. Described as funny and friendly by her classmates, Hana is someone that many would aspire to be. 

Hana has been involved in many different activities throughout her time in high school,  including lacrosse, basketball, soccer, Raider Revolution, National Honor Society, Future Farmers of America, Slay the Dragon, and many more. Her various experiences and appearances throughout the school have made her rather well-known by staff and students alike. 

“I really enjoy getting closer to teachers and friends, and also becoming friends with teacher,” Hana said.

Teachers such as Mrs. Myken Poorman, who teaches Agricultural Sciences and is also the FFA advisor, described Hana as a “really great person.”

 “I had Hana for Pre-Vet and Agriculture. Hana is just so fun. She always puts a lot of effort into projects and made them really great. She always participated and was eager to learn new things,” Mrs. Poorman said.

Hana’s favorite part of the day at Bellefonte can stretch from classes such as Senior Institute to classes such as AP Psychology and AP European History. Her funny but adventurous personality makes her fit into these classes extremely well, where teacher history and AP Psychology teacher Mrs. Christine Morris notices her every day.

“Hana is outgoing, kind, caring, and competitive. When she really likes a subject material, she will be 200% engaged. Her outgoing personality in both AP European History and AP Psychology has been infectious. She definitely brings out the good in her peers,” Mrs. Morris said.

Hana has made a lasting impression on these teachers as well, giving either trinkets or having a small ritual with them whenever she sees them in the halls.

“Last year when we were discussing Martin Luther, Hana took it upon herself to make a Flat Stanley model of Martin Luther that still stands in my class today. Martin Luther travelled this summer to a variety of places here in the US. He became our class mascot throughout the year,” Mrs. Morris said.

While Mrs. Poornab has a lot of memories of Hana, perhaps her favorite is yelling “hello” to each other every time they’d pass each other in the hallway.

“She’s never afraid to say ‘hi’ and ask how my day is, even when she’s around her friends or other students,” she said.

Although, at this point, Hana seems unsure of what to do after the end of this year, she has a general idea of what is to come. “After high school I might take a gap year and travel around the states. If I don’t, I’ll go to college and get a degree in secondary education for either Agricultural Education or English,” she said.

While it’ll be hard for Bellefonte to see such a shining student go, Mrs. Poorman is sure that Hana will be fine and do well in her future endeavors. 

“Hana is a really great person and I will miss her a lot. She is going to do great things.” she said.