Raider Revolution: A club and its purpose

Mrs. Baughman and Mrs. Rodgers participate in a pep rally a couple of years ago.

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Mrs. Baughman and Mrs. Rodgers participate in a pep rally a couple of years ago.

Olivia Aberegg, Staff Reporter

Do you want to enrich your high school experience by learning about or becoming involved with Raider Revolution? At Bellefonte Area High School, Raider Revolution is a student group that helps to promote a positive and inclusive school atmosphere for all students, teachers, and staff. 

Raider Revolution works to encourage positive behavior throughout the school by welcoming and encouraging acceptance of all students and people in the building. This club works to provide better learning opportunities for all students and encourages growth through rewarding positive behavior. 

Raider Revolution began as an outreach club known as “School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention Supports” which started during the 2012- 2013 school year. The club was “reinvented” during the 2017-2018 school year by BAHS teachers Mrs. Jessica Baughman and Mrs. Sarah Rodgers, who decided to change the title of SWPBS to Raider Revolution. The club is influential and is present in schools across the United States. 

There are two teacher advisors, Mrs. Baughman and Mrs. Rodgers, as well as a student team with two student leaders, seniors Hana Rados and Claire Topper. Hana and Claire were chosen based on their leadership skills and their involvement in the club. These students get to attend a Student Summit, previously hosted at Juniata College, where they learn about ideas on how to improve the club. 

This year, changes will be made to the structure and running of the club. 

“Our goals for this year are to continue to spread positivity through Shout-Outs, as well as plan for other rewards and events we can hold throughout the year. This year is a rebuilding year for Raider Revolution,” Mrs. Rodgers said.

She emphasized that, although some aspects of the club may change, the group will maintain its overall goals and purposes. 

 “The Raider Revolution is still committed to serving our school community and working diligently to make BAHS a more accepting place where students from all walks of life feel welcome and supported,” Mrs. Rodgers said.

The student team is an important part of Raider Revolution. These students work in order to improve our school environment and are excited to do their part in order to make the school a better place, and were eager to get involved in the school community through participating in Raider Revolution. 

I joined Raider Revolution because I wanted to be more involved in how my high school experience was,” senior Ella Underwood said. 

Senior Claire Topper feels that the club has given her the opportunity to help many people around her. 

“It gave me more connections and was crucial in my decisions to get more involved. I am so thankful for my Raider Revolution family and I can’t wait to see us apply all of the skills we learn now into our futures,” Claire said. “I joined the club because I really liked the motto. I like helping our school and supporting inclusivity.”

Raider Revolution is an important part of the high school which works to improve the school environment for everyone. The purpose is to get everyone involved in improving the school in some way, whether that means that they are welcoming people, spreading positivity, or enhancing good behavior, everyone can take part in helping to achieve the goals of Raider Revolution.