A strong start for boys soccer


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The boys soccer team comes together at the end of a victorious tournament at Bald Eagle.

Rebecca Methven, Staff Reporter

The Bellefonte Area High School boys soccer team has acquired many titles and victories throughout the years, from winning the Mountain League Championship seven times since 1998, to claiming the Districts title in 2018, to even getting the rare opportunity to make it to the State Championship. 

All of these victorious seasons have always started with the annual tournament that takes place in Bald Eagle, however, it was not until this year on September 4, that the team finally claimed the title of tournament champions for the first time in five years. 

As everyone knows, a good team takes good chemistry and proper communication between teammates. Here at Bellefonte, the boys soccer program has always been known for how well they are able to work together as a team, and it is because of this teamwork that the team has been able to achieve titles like Mountain League Champions, District Champions, and tournament champions. 

“This year’s boys soccer team has been looking very good. They are highly optimistic, and they are playing very well together as a team,” Varsity Head Coach Scott Martz said. 

The team’s success is also influenced by its strong leadership. Team captains and seniors Quinn Tooker, Shea Chapman, AJ Packer, and Hayden Walker have all been a part of this team for the majority of their high school careers, and understand what it takes to have a cooperative team. These captains, as well as the three coaches, have worked hard to teach the boys  on the team the importance of teamwork and perseverance.

“The main reasons as to why I chose the team captains I did is because of their leadership, they include everyone in every activity. They are also always just willing to help others on the team, especially the underclassmen. They want this team to be a success and I value those characteristics in them,” Coach Martz said.

After winning the tournament against both Penns Valley with a score of 3-1, and Saint Joseph’s Catholic Academy 4-0; titles like Mountain League or District champions seem to be pointed strongly in the team’s favor.  This tournament has always shown the determination, skill level, and hard work these boys have put into their pre-season work and how badly a win means to them. 

“Ever since the junior high program started down at the Bellefonte Area Middle School we have been receiving many skilled players, and it has helped out a lot with ensuring that we will gain a talented new generation of players each season,” Coach Martz said

Between two-a-days during the summer and their preseason practices, improvement in these players’ skill levels and attitudes are highly noticeable. 

“Don’t give up,” says senior and team captain Hayden Walker. “It’s hard, but you have to push through.” 

The Bellefonte boys soccer team has faced major competition and some disappointment. However, certain words of encouragement like this coming from a fellow teammate, captain, and senior can change the team’s attitude in a matter of minutes.

Overall, it may be said the boys soccer team’s season has been looking very promising after now winning both the tournament and their first home game with a score of 2-1 against Bald Eagle.

 “Our biggest challenge of upholding these titles each year is that every team brings their absolute best to every game,” Coach Martz said. 

If there is one thing our boys soccer team knows how to do, it’s to bring their best to every game, and keep their heads up through it all.