Fall activities in the Centre County area

Lilly Guenther, Copy Editor

The fall season officially started on Wednesday, September 22. Now, it is time to embrace the spirit of this season. 

There are a number of activities that can be done throughout Centre County and the surrounding areas that will help you to make the most of the fall season. Some activities can be done almost any day you choose. My personal favorites of these options involve food, so, let’s start with those. Visit a local business, such as Our Little Orchard, in Zion, and purchase some produce. Try a seasonal drink at Dunkin’ Donuts, Bonfatto’s Italian Market and Corner Cafe in Bellefonte, at one of URBN Flavorhous’ three locations in Bellefonte and Lamar, or at another business you like. Go apple-picking at Way Fruit Farm in Port Matilda, or pumpkin-picking at one of many Amish farms in the area. 

There are also many options for fall shopping. Make the drive out to Altoona and browse through all things Halloween-related at Spirit Halloween. Or, stay closer, and visit one or more of the towns in our area. One great alternative to typical shopping is thrifting; some of your best finds could be the ones you have to search for. A whole day could be made by just browsing through our local businesses. There are also a number of garage and yard sales that occur throughout the fall, if you are interested in this. 

If you’re looking for an activity that won’t cost much, there are numerous possibilities for this as well. Take a walk, or simply spend some time, at one of our many local and state parks, or just through any woods you can find. As you do this, observe the changing and falling leaves, smell the fall air, and reflect. If you aren’t feeling as profound, simply count the number of squirrels you see. 

On a cold, dreary day when you just feel like staying home, there are ways to make a cozy, lazy day a seasonal experience. Light a candle and read a book; whether it is simply something comforting or a scary story in the spirit of Halloween is up to you. Make a dessert or a warm meal for yourself; if you’re feeling generous, make something to share. In the evening, watch a movie by yourself, or even invite friends over. When it gets closer to Halloween, carve pumpkins or plan your costume.

There are also a number of more specific events that will be going on in our area throughout the fall season. Attend a local football game on a Friday night, or, experience a night of fear at Spook Haven Haunted House in Lock Haven; open Friday and Saturday nights through October. If you’re interested in more options like this, see our article about haunted houses and similar attractions near here. This brings me to another activity; making your Halloween a bit historical by researching or visiting supposedly haunted locations in the area. There are even some interesting haunted location tours in Bellefonte and Lock Haven. But don’t blame me if you end up haunted yourself. 

Another very popular and abundant attraction is fall festivals. There are numerous options in the Centre County area for this. One of the biggest of these is the Pennsylvania State Flaming Foliage Festival in Renovo, which will be held on October 8-10. The following weekend of the 15-17, Penn State Arboretum will be holding its pumpkin festival and contest. The same weekend, on Saturday, October 16, Bald Eagle State Park will hold its Punkin Chunkin festival. On Saturday, October 30, Talleyrand Park in Bellefonte will hold its fall/Halloween festival. These are just a few of many festivals that will be held throughout the area, so, if you’re interested in more options, do some research on events such as this that will be going on throughout October. 

There are countless possibilities for fun, fall and Halloween-related activities that can be done throughout the fall season in the Centre County area and beyond. So, don’t be bored this autumn; get in the spirit of the season with one or more of these activities.