Haunted houses that will haunt central Pennsylvanians


Photo by Public Domain Pictures

Haunted houses are a great way to celebrate Halloween.

Evan Culter, Staff Reporter

As the Halloween season approaches, many members of the community will want to be terrified. One good way to achieve this is to go to a haunted house. There are a multitude of haunted house attractions throughout the state of Pennsylvania, all varying in size and scope. A few of these attractions, each of which differ from each other in theme and structure, are Spook Haven, Field of Screams, and Jason’s Woods. 

Fields of Screams is an outside horror park that is located in Mountville, Pennsylvania. It has four attractions and an escape room. It is open only on weekends starting on September 10 and continuing through November 13. The four attractions are called Haunted Hayride, Den of Darkness, Frightmare Asylum, and Nocturnal Wasteland. Prices to attend them range from $30.00 to $35.00 per ticket. There are also food stations all around the area.  This location is larger than others around the state.  

“Come be a part of the non-stop heart-pounding action that will leave you begging for the end to be near,” advertised the main page of the Field of Screams website

Another haunted attraction in Pennsylvania is Spook Haven Haunted House located at Mill Hall, Pennsylvania. It will open, for weekends only from October 2 through October 31. There are two attractions; The Unknown and WhisperCreek Manor. The ticket prices are $13.00 for one of the attractions and  $20.00 for both. This location is smaller than Field of Screams, but is much closer to Bellefonte.   

“Take a walk through a combination of creepy but cool scenes where you might find a few critters running through the sewer, crazed nuns in the church, and many spiders crawling through the forest,” stated the main page of the Spook Haven official website.  

A third and final horror attraction is Jason’s Woods, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It has been open since September 17 and will be open on weekends through  November 6. There are five attractions; Horrifying Hayride, Chamber of Horrors, Zombie Apocalypse, Lost in Jason’s Woods, and Carnival of Fear. The ticket prices are either 3 attractions for $25.00 or $40.00 for all of them.

This Halloween season will be bustling with different attractions to try out and explore. Field of Screams, Spook Haven, and Jason’s Woods are only three locations out of a multitude of others which people can experience