Madden Supremacy

Alex Ebeling, Staff Reporter

Throughout the past 22 years, Madden NFL football, made by Electronic Arts, has sold the most digital and retail copies over any other game in the month of August, according to  Sports Gamers Online. . Madden NFL 22 also ranks fourth for being the most sold game in 2021. 

Madden has always been a game of choice for Bellefonte junior Nate Capparelle. 

“People love the hype behind the game because it has been played across multiple generations. any people recognize the legendary title because of the historic coach John Madden,” he said. 

There has been some criticism of the gameplay, but it does not stop people from buying it every year. Madden still managed to sell a record-breaking $4.4 billion in sales. This enormous number excludes microtransactions in the game once you buy it. Microtransactions include buying packs to get players to sell for coins inside the game. 

The number of copies sold has always been on the rise

“The game is always improving and becoming more realistic every year. Fans love the realistic aspect from graphics to gameplay,” Nate said.

Nate has seen the process of the game becoming better and better each year.

“I first bought Madden in 2012 on the Xbox 360, since then I have bought it every year,” he said.

Nate recently purchased the newest record-breaking game, Madden 22, and finds it enjoyable since it “lets [him] play with [his] favorite players like Saquan Barkley and Lamar Jackson.”

Madden always updates their game each week to keep the game intriguing. For example, updates the personal rating for each player every week of NFL action.This is a great feature as it provides more realism to the game and adjusts ups and downs of a real life player. The game itself has multiple game modes within the title. The main title is Ultimate Team. This is where you can create your own roster of players of your choice instead of using a preset roster. Madden releases a new set of players every few days, this gives you a plethora of options for payers you prefer. 

Nate loves this idea of creating your own team. 

“The choices from past players and current players are incredible.” 

Madden also creates a safe environment for people to just relax and play as well as a competitive side. The game allows players to bond over the love of football and create new relationships with other users. 

“I can also play online with my friends and have a good time,”Nate said.