An extraordinary teacher


High School art teacher Mrs. Erin Welsh

Davis Corman, Staff Reporter

From her various in-class activities to her fun, welcoming classroom environment, Mrs. Erin Welsh has become an extraordinary art teacher, leaving various impacts on hundreds of students.

Nearly 22 years ago, Mrs. Welsh began her journey as an art teacher. Eventually, after about 16 years, Mrs. Welsh would begin teaching within the Bellefonte School District, where she has been for the past six years. Throughout this time, Mrs.Welsh has had to undergo many hardships, one of the hardest being just recently: COVID-19.

“Teaching art through a computer screen and a mask and never being sure if students would be in person or quarantining was tough,” she said.

However, even in these difficult times, Mrs. Welsh persevered through the hardships, bringing her students the best possible experience through a computer screen.

“If I had to look on the bright side, I did learn that we are all resilient and that I CAN figure out Google Classroom,” laughed Mrs. Welsh.

Along with these hardships, Mrs. Welsh has also experienced many amazing things throughout her 22 years of teaching. Some of the most special moments revolved around her students and their growth as artists.

She was most proud to “see students become more confident and skilled artists over the course of time.”

Prior to her teaching, Mrs. Welsh’s love for art can be tied back to her time with her Grandma. The idea was present throughout her childhood with her Grandma being an artist and a teacher. She initially went to Penn State to obtain a degree in Painting and Drawing, but when she began giving lessons to adults and elementary kids, a new love was found. This sparked her journey to become a teacher.

In teaching for 22 years, Mrs. Welsh has been able to make waves of impacts on various students. From making one feel more confident in their artistic skills, to pushing one beyond their limits, each represents a little of what Mrs. Welsh has done to hundreds of students.

Junior Affina Garvin, who has taken classes with Mrs. Welsh since her freshman year of high school, expressed Mrs. Welsh’s impact on her own journey as an artist. 

“Mrs. Welsh has helped teach me to enjoy art in ways I have never considered. Working with her has opened so many new opportunities for me to try. I no longer feel intimidated by new mediums or big projects […] thanks to her help,” Affina said.

Along with pushing and furthering her students as artists, another impact that Mrs. Welsh has had is her ability to make students feel safe and comfortable in her classroom. No matter their interest, hobbies, goals, etc, Mrs. Welsh has been able to make these students feel worthy within a class, expressing themselves throughout their art.