Raider Nation, the best student section


Photo by LaBelle Staff

Raider Nation cheers on the football team.

Ethan Struble, Staff Reporter

Have you ever been to a Bellefonte volleyball or football game? If you have, you have probably witnessed, or been a part of, Raider Nation. You probably know by now that Bellefonte has the self-proclaimed “best student section” when it comes to high school athletics, but most people don’t know who runs it and what goes on with the group outside of the games. 

Raider Nation is cooperatively led by seniors Gannon Brungard and Megan Marsh. Their jobs are to set up themes for volleyball and football games. They also do the same prep and hosting for winter sports as well. For example, for the upcoming volleyball game, they are having a birthday theme, and for the football Senior Night they are having a neon theme. 

When sitting with Raider Nation it is cool to see the effort students put into the outfits. When it comes to chants and getting Raider Nation amped, senior Nick Way does a great job of doing so. When everyone is loud and cheering that’s when the Raider Nation makes a huge impact. 

Anyone is welcome to join Raider Nation and show support for our school sports. Raider Nation isn’t just involved in home games; members of the club also travel to away games as well to show the other schools our spirit. Themed games are also planned for away games. 

If you are planning to go to a theme game, but don’t know what the theme is, you can visit the Raider Nation Instagram, @raidernation_2022, where you can find posts with information about upcoming games. If you have any questions, you can contact Gannon or Megan by email or the Raider Nation Instagram. Lastly, the group is selling Raider Nation t-shirts through the Instagram page, so, if you are interested, you can buy one to show your support for your school sports.

“Being a part of Raider Nation is an extraordinary experience that you can really enjoy for only four years of your life while in high school at BAHS,” Nick said. 

He also strongly recommends students to be a part of Raider Nation because it is very fun to support your peers and friends who are competing against other rival schools in whatever sport it is.

Senior volleyball player Molly McKee appreciates that atmosphere that members of Raider Nation create during games.  

“Having Raider Nation in our stands at games is awesome, they are loud and amplify the energy. It is so hype and they help us celebrate each point on another level,” she said. 

Molly encourages students to join Raider Nation because, “it’s a great way to get Bellefonte sporting events and to cheer with peers while expressing school spirit with fun themes.”