Angelina Aviles – a student leader

Lilly Guenther, Copy Editor

Senior Angelina Aviles is a motivated and dedicated individual who has become a leader and role model in both the Bellefonte community and here at Bellefonte High. She is someone that not only other students, but everyone, should aspire to be like.

Senior K.C. Shutika has been friends with Angelina for 13 years and describes her as a “very dedicated and hard-working person.”

She takes a lot of challenges head on and doesn’t shy away from new experiences. She is also overwhelmingly kind and generous; I’ve always been able to depend on her for anything…She really puts her all into everything she does. She never tries to take the easy way out or make any kind of excuses; she always goes all the way with anything and everything she does – whether that be school, work, friends, etc,” Shutika said. 

Another friend of Angelina, senior Haley Popovitch, expressed similar sentiments. 

She’s an extremely sweet person and a hard worker, she’s also honest and intelligent. She’s got a great sense of humor as well,” Haley said. 

Angelina is involved in a number of extracurricular activities. This will be her sixth and final year playing for the girl’s basketball team. She is involved in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Student Council, Ski Club, and Drama Club. This will also be her fourth year as secretary of the Class of 2022 Class Cabinet, and her first year as president of both Spanish Honors Society (SHH) and National Honors Society (NHS). 

“I try to keep myself busy which helps keep me motivated. I find that if I am not busy, I am not as productive since I do not have anything to push me and keep me going,” she said.

Her advice to younger students is to “try to get involved as much as they can.”

“I absolutely love being as involved as I am,” she said. “It is a lot of fun and it is pretty cool knowing that what you’re doing/being involved in is helping other students, the school community, or even the community itself. I highly suggest getting involved, it is a ton of fun.”

In addition to her involvement in these activities, Angelina enjoys learning and has been enrolled in a number of challenging courses throughout her time at Bellefonte High. 

“I always loved the history classes, they were always the highlight of my day,” she said. “AP European History, AP Biology, AP Human Geography, and Spanish had to have been my favorite classes in the past three years,” she said.

Angelina took AP European History and US 601 for college credit last year with history and psychology teacher Mrs. Christine Morris. As a member – and now the president of – NHS, she also works closely with Mrs. Morris, who is the club’s advisor. 

Angelina is definitely a student who is a leader in many ways.  As a student, she was very inquisitive and very proficient at debating historical topics. She definitely looked out for other students to help them when needed,” Mrs. Morris said. 

Following graduation, Angelina plans to attend Penn State University beginning in the Fall of 2022. At this point, her major remains undecided. Mrs. Morris is confident that she will continue to be a leader and will be successful in whatever future endeavors she chooses to pursue. 

“I truly believe that Angelina will be successful in the future because she works well with others, is a strong communicator, and generally loves to learn,” she said.