Goals in new horizons

Emma Homan, Feature News Director

The seniors on the Bellefonte girls soccer team are like no other. Despite this year’s rocky season, each of them have shown their skill and determination both on and off the field. 

As this is their final season at Bellefonte, they have collected many fun and memorable moments over the past few years. Emily Culp scored her first goal for the high school team last season, a feat due to her typical position as a defensive player. Her all-time save count as a goalie tallies up to be over 250.

Senior Paige Kephart has a fun story from camp in freshman year.

“I hid in Hana’s closet, then jumped out and scared her. She screamed super loud, and then chased me for the next 20 minutes as I jumped dorm to dorm for protection.”

She also appreciates the positive environment and team spirit that she has experienced for the last four years.

“I love our pregame dancing, our parade karaoke, our bestie vibes.  Playing on this team has taught me more about who I am than most things in my life…The girls I play with have become my closest of friends,” she said. 

After school team practices hold fond memories for Senior  K.C. Shutika.

“Practice with my friends is just always fun and have created a lot of great memories,” Shutika said.

Many of the seniors have been playing soccer far longer than they have played at Bellefonte, some even totaling from 11 up to 15 years throughout childhood in rec leagues, the YMCA, and club soccer. In terms of other Bellefonte extracurriculars, Shutika also participates in track and field events, and Paige has built up an impressive list of positions, including the treasurer position in National Honors Society, Spanish Honors Society, and Key Club.

Unfortunately, they cannot stay in Bellefonte forever and have already started their college plans and preparations. Emily has hopes of playing for York College of Pennsylvania, while Shutika and Paige plan on taking a small step back to better explore their career choices. 

While their time here at Bellefonte High school is short, the impression they leave behind on their teammates and the school will be lasting. Paige knows she’ll remember the team for a long time.

“I have had so many laughs, so many friendships, hugs, hand holds, tears, smiles– it’s all too much to recall.  I will never forget the incredible team I had and I will carry them with me as I move on.”