Journey to becoming an Eagle Scout

Dominic Capperella, Sports & Entertainment Director

Being an Eagle Scout is a prestigious title that few Boy Scouts get to obtain, and one of Bellefonte’s own, senior Lee Przybys, recently earned that title. 

The title was created during the inception of the Boy Scouts of America in 1911. Since then, 2.5 million scouts have become Eagle Scouts out of the 110 million youth around America who have become Boy Scouts. 

Lee began his journey into scouthood in the first grade when he attended Marion-Walker Elementary School. He joined as a Tiger Scout with pack 352 in Hublersburg, Pennsylvania.

“Later on I joined Troop 370 in March of 2015,” Lee said.

Being a very outgoing and humorous individual along with being a part of two packs during his time as a scout, Lee has made many memories as Boy Scout troops take trips to different places all around the country.

“My favorite part about being a Boy Scout is helping others and participating in outdoor activities. I have taken many fun trips with the Troop. My favorite trip was when I went backpacking in New Mexico,” he said.

Lee is definitely a people person and has been able to enjoy meeting new people throughout his time in the scouts, not always the same age – some of his closest friends in the scouts are older and younger than him. Some of the other scouts in his troop are seniors Ryan Miller and Jacob Fritz along with juniors Andy Haldeman and Trenton Haagen. The leader of the troop is Mr. Todd Holden.

Along with being a Boy Scout, Lee has played sports throughout his entire life. When he was younger, he played baseball and basketball and now while in high school he plays football and competes with the track and field team. With his background in a multitude of sports, Lee decided that he wanted to build a batting cage for baseball and softball players to use at Panik Field in Marion Township.

“It took me about a year to complete the project. The process included all the planning, gathering of materials to build the cage, and construction of a batting cage. Many people have helped me with the project. Including people from my Troop, number 370, people that live in Marion Township, and fellow students like Nolan Weaver, Thomas Korman, and Dylan Gutshall,” Lee said.

Lee is very thankful for the time he has spent with his troop. He recently had the ceremony unveiling the batting cage at Panik field where he was officially given the title of Eagle Scout for the first time.

“Becoming an Eagle Scout is probably one of the best experiences I have ever felt. I am thankful to everyone who helped and supported me through my journey along the way to becoming an Eagle Scout.”