Mrs. Durney brings laughter to the classroom

Brooke Kerr, Staff Reporter

Teaching her students about the country they live in while cracking jokes and bringing laughter to the classroom: Government and AP World History teacher Mrs. Allyson Durney has always and will always continue to influence the hearts and minds of her students. 

For 14 years, Mrs. Durney has been teaching history and government in Centre County. Ten of these years she has spent teaching within the Bellefonte School District. Through her years of teaching, Mrs. Durney has experienced many good memories, but also tough times. Last year was especially hard considering COVID-19’s impact on the education system.

“The past school year was especially tough in trying to reach all learners in different ways. It was tough because I know I wasn’t always reaching every student, but I’m thankful my students kept trying,” she said.

Despite the difficulty, Mrs. Durney excelled in teaching her students about the importance of what is going on in the world. 

“Each year, I want my students to expand their world a little more. I want them to understand not only what is happening in the world, but also why,” she said.

Throughout Mrs. Durney’s 14 years of teaching, she has experienced many great moments with her students. 

“I’ve had so many interesting things happen over the years. I’ve really enjoyed so much,” she said.

Mrs. Durney always knew she wanted to be a teacher but did not realize how much she loved social studies until she was in high school. In college she double majored in English and Social Studies, but later realized her passion was making connections with the past and present. 

As such, she pushes her students to think outside the box about what’s going on in their country, but constantly uses her bubbly personality to bring excitement and laughter to her classes.

Senior Brianna Wilson is currently enrolled in Mrs. Durney’s government class, and thoroughly enjoys her time spent there.

“Mrs. Durney is fun and full of energy. She knows how to take a joke and also jokes with us, making government fun and enjoyable,” Brianna said.

Throughout her teaching, Mrs. Durney engages her students in any way possible. She also makes her classroom a safe and comfortable environment for her students. When walking past her room, laughter can be heard from her and her students. This laughter is a sign of the good and healthy learning that she is creating for her students. Her past and future students will take what they have learned in her class to the real world and make an impact.