Halloween turned to true horror

Alexis Eakin, Staff Reporter

***WARNING***: Includes mention of violence and murder.

On a dreary October night in 1978, six year-old Michael Myers of Haddonfield, Illinois, decided he wanted to change the direction of his life, his family’s life, and the overall history of his small town. 

As he strolled through the kitchen, an opportune utensil was identified on the kitchen counter top from the evening’s previous meal prep. His tiny hands grabbed the handle and it remained glued into his prepubescent hand as the young boy climbed the stairs leading to his sister Judith’s room. 

Judith was sitting at her vanity combing her full head of dark curly hair. Unknown to her, this would be her last act of self-preservation.

Silently, Michael entered the room with a clown mask on his face and abruptly sunk the 10-inch kitchen knife into his sister’s rib cage. Nothing was ever the same again. 

Fast forward 43 years and see the Smith’s Grove Sanitarium bus idling in a rural ditch in the countryside. 

The hazard lights are flashing and the bus is motionless. The bus is empty, and yet bodies are strewn across the ground in various places.

 There is one particular patient that is missing and not accounted for. This may sound like an undesirable situation without knowing who exactly I am speaking of, until you hear that the missing patient isn’t a teenager. The missing patient is Michael Myers, and he is leaving a path of human destruction behind him as he is heading home. 

Halloween Kills begins as the Strode house was engulfed in flames, emergency responders were in route to save the day as a bloody and distraught Laurie Strode screamed at them in vain, “LET IT BURN!” Enter chaos! 

As Micheal removed himself from the fiery monstrosity, it was clear that the first responders would stand no chance against Michael Myers. Michael precedes to engage in a vicious battle scene with firefighters which has upset many viewers across the nation.

 Many question the appropriateness of showing first responders getting slaughtered on duty to which I understand their concerns. Although I will concede that it’s Hollywood and it was intended for shock and awe for the attentive audiences. 

It was an incredibly brutal and intense series of scenes that I found quite interesting and had my eyes glued to the screen. 

Halloween Kills is rated R and was released October 15, 2021, to theaters worldwide and is currently streaming on the Peacock app. This movie is rated R due to language, grisly images, some drug use, and strong bloody violence.

As the entire town decided, “Evil Dies Tonight!” They are always seemingly one step behind Michael as he continues the utter brutality of all who cross him or otherwise get in his way. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Halloween Kills. It appealed to a range of ages and interests and I highly recommend the film for anyone who wants a hundred minute thrill ride.