Municipal Election 2022

Red and White’s list of unofficial winners

Davis Corman, Content Manager

On Tuesday, November 2, elections around the country were held for various positions. Within Pennsylvania, these included school board, mayor, and judicial races. Each position had significant impacts on pressing topics within Bellefonte such as the school’s logo.  The Red and White newspaper has compiled the released information from Centre County Government website and the State Department. See below for the unofficial results of the election. 


(DEM) – Democratic Candidate

(REP) – Republican Candidate

XYZ – XYZ Won 


County Wide Election Results:

Bellefonte Mayor

  • (DEM/REP) Gene Johnson

Bellefonte School Board

  • (DEM/REP) Andrea Royer
  • (DEM/REP) Jeffrey Scott Steiner
  • (DEM) Rodney E Musser
  • (DEM) Jordan Emely
  • (REP) Jack Bechdel II
  • (REP) Jon Guizar

Jury Commissioner

  • (DEM) Shelley Thompson
  • (REP) Hope P Miller

Councilman Ward 1

  • (DEM) Melissa Hombosky
  • (DEM) Jon Eaton
  • (REP) Kent D Bernier
  • (REP) Rita Purnell

Councilman Ward 2

  • (REP) Barbara Dann 

Councilman Ward 2 (2-Year Interim)

  • (DEM) Mary Abbott 
  • (REP) Randall Brachbill 

Councilman Ward 3

  • (DEM) Shawna Mckean 
  • (DEM) Johanna Sedgwick 
  • (REP) Jeffrey J Puhala 

Constable (Spring Township)

  • (DEM) Yamina Yum Yum Cunningham
  • (REP) Clint Ripka


Statewide Election Results:

Justice of the Supreme Court

  • (DEM) Maria Mclaughlin
  • (REP) Kevin Brobson

Judge of the Superior Court

  • (DEM) Timika Lane
  • (REP) Megan Sullivan

Judge of the Commonwealth Court

  • (DEM) Loria Dumas
  • (DEM) David Lee Spurgeon
  • (REP) Stacy Marie Wallace
  • (REP) Drew Crompton