Sacrificing their safety for all

Hope Martin , Design and Layout Editor

Fires: The red, orange, and yellow flames can represent danger, fear, and destruction. There’s no way to stop that destruction except for throwing water onto those raging flames. The best solution would be getting the help of brave firefighters, who walk into those difficult situations not knowing if they are going to be coming back out. BAHS senior Colby Lohr has engaged in fighting multiple of these fires.

 “When the tones go off a rush of adrenaline goes through your body and instantly wakes you up and gets you ready to do anything you need,” Colby said. 

Driver’s education teacher Mr. Michael Wilson is another example of someone who has experienced these difficult tasks. Mr. Wilson volunteers as a Firefighter/EMT at Logan Fire Co 1 in Bellefonte. There he serves as an Asst Chief/Head Trustee and Training Officer. He is a Certified Fire Instructor and also works as an EMT for Bellefonte EMS and Penns Valley EMS. He has been with Logan Fire Co for a little over five years and is a Driver/Operator of the Fire Apparatus & Equipment on each.

“I have been in the volunteer fire service for almost 28 years and I started out like the students we have in the high school who volunteer,” he said. “I have volunteered for different companies during my time including:Wellsboro, Slippery Rock, Alpha, Undine, Neptune, Milesburg, and Logan.”

Training is one of the most important things that are required to become a firefighter. The training is very hardcore and can come with a price.

“Training is very demanding, taking many hours of blood, sweat, tears, and even injuries sometimes,” Mr. Wilson said. 

But those hours of training didn’t stop Colby’s journey to become certified. 

“I’ve had to go through multiple state classes to get to the point where I’m at now. I am currently certified as an exterior firefighter but will be certified as an interior once I’m 18,” Colby said.

To become a volunteer firefighter you have to go down to your local fire company and fill out paperwork. Another thing that you can do is get details on their junior membership program if they offer one. 

Colby Lohr has grown up surrounded by firefighting, helping inspire him to do it. 

“I was raised around the fire department. My father has 34 years of service in the fire department and I’ve been alive for 17 of them. I officially joined the Undine Fire Department at the age of 15, but have been around it all my life,” Colby said. 

Senior Derek Fravel cares very deeply about firefighting. He has been inspired to become a firefighter and has taken the steps to do so. 

 “I wanted to be a fireman because I was introduced to it through a friend and thought it would be a great experience and thing to be a part of and it’s a great way to get into the first responder role, which I would like to do in the future,” Derek said. 

Along with Colby and Derek, seniors Nolan Weaver and Dylan McCloskey are also a part of this. Thank you to all of the firefighters and first responders for always being ready to assist.