The Senior Institute window painting tradition continues


Matthew Zandi, Staff Reporter


  1. Bonfatto’s
  2. YMCA
  3. Centre County Library  


Each year, art teacher Miss Heather Fry organizes for students to paint the windows of businesses around town every year.

“We always start with what is within walking distance from the YMCA and within that radius we ask who would be interested in having us come in again and window paint for the holiday season and Victorian Christmas events,” Miss Fry said.

They paint anywhere between 17-18 businesses on their one day trip. Between the Senior Institute and art students, 39 students attended for the day. 

The Senior Institute class will call the businesses, reach out to offer our community service for the holidays and if accepted, they will ask and work with the owners as to what kind of theme they desire,” Miss Fry said. 

This trip gives students some community service. They can also learn how to collaborate and work with owners of businesses as they work on their windows. The Senior Institute class desires to work with these companies every year, if they accept. This tradition has lasted for many years. When Ms. Fry took over, she was able to make new partnerships with new businesses. 

“When I took over this community service field trip from the previous art teacher here years ago, I inherited many businesses that have been faithful to accept our donation of time and artistic gifts. So that made it a little easier having a path already paved in making that partnership,” Miss Fry said. 

Every year, the class tries to paint windows of some new companies. They can’t gain as many as they want as they have to limit the trip to one day. 

The annual window painting trip is one of the longer lasting traditions by the school. It has lasted for many years, and the class doesn’t intend on ending the tradition anytime soon. 

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Bellefonte students participate in many traditions around the holidays. One of these traditions is done by the students in the Senior Institute and art classes.