Brian Johnson: a hardworking and creative senior

Olivia Aberegg, Staff Reporter

The creative, hardworking, helpful, distinguished honors student, senior Brian Johnson is a great role model for all BAHS students. 

Brian is involved in many activities including cross country and track. He is a thrower for the track and field team and a runner for the boys’ cross country team. He was encouraged and convinced to join the cross country team this season. He participates in track because he enjoys throwing.

Brian’s determination and hard-working attitude has paid off and he is awarded with being a distinguished honors student. One of his teachers, video production teacher Mrs. Carla Cipro, describes Brian as a very hardworking student and individual.

He explores his creativity through his favorite class, Video Production, with Mrs. Cipro. This  is his favorite class because he enjoys filmmaking with his friends and peers.

“Brian is enthusiastic about his studies and very good to work with in class. He is always willing to help others in the classroom,” Mrs. Cipro said.

Mrs. Cipro has had Brian in many of her classes from Intro Video Production to Advanced Video Production and this year she serves as his cross country coach as well. She has always had positive things to say about Brian and is proud of all of his accomplishments.

“Brian really got out of his comfort zone this fall with joining the cross country team. I’m really proud of him and his achievement this past fall season. His work ethic in class is always exceptional and something I appreciate,” she said.

Brian’s friends describe him as a brilliant student and over-thinker.

“I would then describe him as a reliable and caring friend,” senior William Brininger said.

After graduation, Brian has plans to elaborate on his skills behind the camera.

“I would like to go into some form of photography.”

This senior has made a positive impact on the BAHS students and staff and will continue to do great things after graduation.