What’s up Doc?


Pauline Alterio

Photo by Pauline Alterio

Rebecca Methven and Brooke Kerr

From taking students on a blast through the past, to being passionate about his work in and outside of the classroom, Dr. Matthew Martin influences the lives of his past and present students. 

Dr. Martin is currently involved in teaching US History 2 and AP US History. Throughout his 19 years of teaching here at Bellefonte Area High School, he also has experience in teaching US History 1, World Cultures, US Government, and several mini courses including Organized Crime in America, Elections that Changed America, and the Second World War.

Like most of the staff here at the high school, Dr. Martin faced certain challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The biggest challenge I have faced has been student attendance. It’s tough when you are not able to see all the students on a consistent basis and talk to them directly,” he said.

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Martin is busy as a father. He is an avid Penn State football fan, loves to play golf and travel, and is actively participating in some community organizations.

Dr. Martin gained the inspiration to become a teacher because he had loved learning about history and with this career, he is able to be paid to continue learning it. Along with this he has also earned his D. Ed Degree from Penn State. 

“When I was a kid, I enjoyed writing. That was my first ‘job’ I wanted when I grew up – I wanted to be a writer,” he said. 

Balancing a full-time teaching position with being a father is not an easy feat, however, Dr. Martin pushed through the day-to-day challenges and wrote a 202 page paper for his doctoral degree that has been successfully published. 

“It was part of my motivation, along with my own desire to see what I was capable of accomplishing. I wanted to challenge myself,” he said. 

When it comes to his students’ education, Dr. Martin is determined to both motivate and educate his students on our country’s history and how it continues to impact us today. His favorite topic to teach about is the World War II era since he his family has a lot of history surrounding that particular time period.

“I had two grandfathers who fought in the war – one of them fought under General Patton in Europe and the other was on a submarine. One of my grandmothers was in the Cadet Nurse Corps during the war, my other grandmother was growing up in Italy while it was under first Axis and then Allied Occupation – this was before she came to live in the United States,” he said. 

Dr. Martin’s students appreciate the time and effort he puts into teaching them about history.

“He is passionate about teaching and what he is teaching,” senior Hana Rados said.

Dr. Martin’s enthusiasm about the subject he teaches is noticeable, according to his students.

“The way he interacts with his students while giving his lessons,” sticks out to senior Kerrigan Tyson. 

Throughout his teaching career Dr. Martin has influenced his students to work their hardest and achieve their goals whether that is in school or outside of school. He also is passionate about teaching his students. He makes his classroom and safe and comfortable environment for everyone.