Bellefonte success in academic contest

Alex Ebeling, Staff Reporter

The BAHS Academic Decathlon team had a chance to compete in a multi-school competition on Tuesday November 9. This event took place at Carlisle high school, most of the team was attending the test in person for the first time in their high school careers. As the event got closer and closer, the team was holding meetings and seeing each other regularly. 

 According to senior Ella Underwood, “[The] team holds meetings every Thursday after school and we focus on studying one subject in depth each time.” 

Although the team was holding these meetings, some participants were not able to attend them. One of these students was junior Affina Garvin. 

“Due to my joining at the last minute, I did not get an optimal amount of time to study,” Affina said.

Ella was experienced as she has taken the test in the past. She said that the test consisted of, “Tests in Literature, Social Science, Art, and an Essay on one of the three topics. There was also a super quiz at the end with questions from all subjects.” 

Throughout the scrimmage, Affina was comfortable with her surroundings.

“There was a light-hearted aura surrounding the entire event. Everyone on the ACDEC team are wonderful people and the advisors are encouraging and helpful. It was a great experience that I am thankful to be a part of,” she said.

As the test came to an end, Ella was pleased with her results. 

“I think that overall the team did an amazing job and I am proud of everyone. We earned medals in almost every category which is impressive for our first competition. Personally, I improved from last year; however, I still have room for improvement,” Ella said..

Affina was happy with her results as well as looking forward to the next test. “ For not being able to study at all, I am very pleased with my results. I medalled without any preparation, of course, I felt satisfied. This also makes me want to work harder in the next events now that I know what I am capable of,” Affina said.

Sophomore English teacher and AcDec advisor Ms. Kat Momenzadeh was excited by the results. 

“We placed fifth overall out of nine competing schools. This is awesome considering we have mostly new members and no one has had experience with in-person events this year. We also had a ton of individual medal winners,” she Momenzadeh.

Ms. Momenzadeh also noted on the individual successes of the students. 

Josie Underwood won a bronze in literature and bronze in social science. Davis Corman won a silver in art and gold in social science. Affina Garvin won a silver in art, and Bailey Hoff won a bronze in art. In scholastic, Rebecca Methven won a gold in literature, Hana Rados won bronze in literature and gold in art. In varsity, Joseph Guebara won a silver in literature, Brynn Albright won a bronze in literature, gold in art, and gold in social science. Jenna Pettina won a silver in art and bronze in social science.”

Ms. Momenzadeh enjoyed the day and said that it was, “awesome to see students and coaches from other schools again.”

The club’s next competition will be on January 18 in Montoursville.