Small town boutique

J. Willey, Staff Reporter

There have been a lot of new businesses opening in Bellefonte recently, and they are really keeping the town alive. One such business is the Lock Boutique, located on 136 West High Street. This new store sells clothing and accessories. 

Lock Boutique owner, Lydia Shafer, felt that Bellefonte could use a store like the one she opened.

 “I opened Lock Boutique because we felt like there was a need in this area for a chic trendy boutique,” she said.

Lydia has many favorite parts of owning her own business. 

 “I love spending time with the girls. I also love empowering our shoppers through styles that make them feel their best,” she said. 

Lydia wanted a place among other shops, so that the boutique would be on a stop on your way to the next place want to go.

“Before Lock, I owned a photography business and the now-boutique was the photography studio for my photography business. I absolutely love our location. We are downtown in the middle of all the restaurants and shopping,” she said. 

Lydia feels that the  most important part of her job is making sure her customers feel good, both in the boutique and at home.

“As an owner I want my customers and employees to feel loved and taken care of,” she said. 

Lydia’s favorite item from the boutique is the jewelry. 

“I love our jewelry line, I wear it everyday. Also, we have a lot of amazing sparkly pieces in right now for the holidays. Who doesn’t love a little sparkle?” she said.

BAHS senior Sophie Reiter works doing things behind the scene for Lock Boutique.

“My favorite part of my job is definitely the people I get to work with and all of the fun opportunities that come with it,” Sophie said.

Sophie’s job includes a wide range of duties that she happily fills for the boutique.

“I make social media content for them, so TikToks and Instagram Reels to promote the business, but the main thing I do is process all of the new clothes. So when the clothes comes, I unpackage them, hang and steam them, put them into the system, put tags on, and just make sure the clothes are ready to go for the upcoming week,” she said. 

To learn more about Lock Boutique, visit their website at