The convenience of fake trees

Brooke Kerr, Staff Reporter

The holiday season is very important for many people and is one of the best times of year, according to some. They are a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate this magical time of year. During the holidays there are many traditions that people partake in and one of those important traditions is putting up their Christmas tree for those people who celebrate Christmas on December 25 each year. 

When putting up the Christmas tree, people usually have a preference as to whether they would like a real tree or a fake tree. Real trees are messy and take a lot of work and time. The tree has to be picked out, cut down, trimmed, watered, and pine needles make a mess in the house. Even after getting the tree home it has to sit out to dry to not make an even bigger mess than it already is going to. 

They also can cause allergies for some people and bring bugs into the house. Fake trees have all the glory of a real tree, but they take almost no work and they make no mess. Also spending money on a real tree every year can get really expensive. According to the Statista,  U.S consumers spend an average of $76.87 each year on a tree. Overtime those cost add up and over 30 years it will cost in total around $2,306.   

When setting up a fake tree all that is needed is to put it together and decorate. There is no need to go out in the freezing cold weather to get a tree. There is also no struggle of having to cut it down and get it trimmed to look good. Fake trees do not need to be consistently watered every week and do not cause a mess in the house. 

“Having a fake tree does not trigger my allergies, it also does not make a mess, and it does not bring bugs into my house,” senior Heather Sherant said.

Fake trees are designed to look like a real tree, but they are also designed to be decorated. The branches are designed to withstand the weight of a heavy ornament. They are also designed to hold many things at once, such as lights, ornaments, and garland. Depending on the kind of fake tree, some even come with lights already installed in them so there is not even the struggle of untangling lights and putting them on the tree. Most fake trees come in separate parts that have to be put together so people that struggle to get the topper on the tree can put it on top of the tree before fully assembling it. 

There are a lot more benefits to having a fake tree than a real tree. Having a fake tree is very convenient because the holiday season is a busy time and rather than taking a day to get and set up a real tree it takes an hour to set up a fake tree. Having a fake tree is a lot less work and does not make as much of a mess as a real tree. Having a fake tree also does not turn something exciting and fun into a chore.