Hitting the slopes

Dominic Capperella, Sports & Entertainment Director

Each year, a large group of BAHS students go up the mountain to fly back down. Students from ninth all the way to twelfth grade travel as a group to ski and snowboard down mountains.

This year, the Ski Club will be advised by business teacher Mr. Andrew Weigold, math teacher Mr. Ryan Pastva, and physical education and health teacher Mr. Josh Diehl. Math teacher Mr. Jonathan Virgilio and Spanish teacher Ms. Emily McManus along with BASD’s Public Relations Director Brit Milazzo will help out with advising the club. 

“Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we won’t be taking an overnight trip this year. We’re hopeful to get a day trip if COVID-19 protocols allow us to do so. As of right now, we’re allowed to take trips to Tussey Mountain. This year, we’ll be taking our club to Tussey Mountain on January 14, January 21, February 4 and February 11,” Mr. Pastva said.

With ever-changing rules and regulations when it comes to travel, the advisors are unsure at this time if they will be able to go to other mountains for day trips. In past years the Ski Club has traveled to different states for the members to be able to have new and unique experiences while expanding their abilities when it comes to skiing or snowboarding. 

“In a normal year, we usually make one or two day trips to either Holiday Valley, which is located in Ellicottville, New York, or Seven Springs, located in Champion, Pennsylvania, followed by a 3-4 day trip to a larger resort, typically in the Northeastern part of the country. In recent years, we have taken groups to Killington, Okemo and Pico. We have been looking into other destinations for future trips, as well,” Mr. Pastva said.

The club consists of more than 70 Bellefonte students with this year’s president being Senior, Nolan Weaver and Vice President being Senior, Quinn Tooker.

“I have been a part of the Ski Club since sixth grade. I joined the club because I wanted to be able to go to different places and ski with some of my other friends that are involved in the club,” Vice President Quinn Tooker said.

While the club is not doing as many long distance trips as they have in the past, they still are looking forward to having a great year both skiing and snowboarding on the slopes.