Winter trends on a budget

Rebecca Methven, Staff Reporter

As the warmer seasons are coming to an end and “sweater weather” comes into full swing, it’s time to say goodbye to crop tops and shorts, and say hello to fluffy coats, jeans, and boots. Fashion trends are the new reality. Let’s all face it, no one wants to miss out on trends, but to pay for all those clothes only to wear it all for one season…is it really worth it? 

High schoolers tend to thrive off of what they wear to school. It is always important to keep in mind what matches your personality, and what you like. Make your outfits this winter your own trend. Trends are always fun to try out and see where you can fit in with them, but oftentimes it is even better when you include your own spin on it. 

Fashion always ranges differently from men to women. Men typically are more easy when it comes to clothes, on the other hand, women take more time to plan what they are wearing. Colors have to match, and as most people know certain patterns don’t go with others. According to Cosmopolitan, winter fashion trends for women this year include large/puffy coats, clothes that include fringe, and knitted wear. On the other hand, Stitch Fix  states that male fashion this winter includes flannels of all colors, hiking boots, and khakis. 

However, according to Business Insider, clothes have been becoming increasingly more expensive. 

“Clothing prices have been on the rise this past year, climbing 4.3% in August as compared to the same time the previous year […] Some items have been more impacted than others, such as men’s pants and shorts, which rose 6.6%, and women’s dresses, which increased by nearly 12% over the past year ending in August.”

To make clothing easier to buy it’s best to try ideas like thrift shopping at places like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and CentrePeace which can be found around here in Bellefonte. At thrift stores it is easier to stay on a budget and still get winter essentials like sweaters, fluffy socks, and a new pair of shoes. Stores like Old Navy could also happen to make buying clothes easier due to the prices being lower compared to the name brand stores. While stores like American Eagle and Hollister sell trendy clothing it is important to remember that those clothes will most likely go out of fashion in a month. Think of that, all that money for winter clothes that won’t stick forever. 

For some, colder weather and new seasons bring happiness and joyful newcomings. Clothing holds a strong place in this seasonal happiness, and staying up with these trends this winter could truly show a person who they truly are. While prices may increase and fashion differs from man to woman it’s important to keep in mind what is important to you. Fashion changes for each person, but do whatever makes you feel like yourself. Don’t be afraid to embrace your own style, and make these trends your own, and own them.