Bellefonte’s getting icy

Davis Corman, Content Manager

This coming winter season, Talleyrand Park in downtown Bellefonte will be getting an extensive addition: an ice skating rink. 

For over four years, local businesses within Bellefonte have wanted to develop an ice skating rink as a part of the town’s historic Victorian Christmas. The rink would be placed in Talleyrand Park, with supporters hoping to replicate “the nostalgic, sort of, scene that you see in movies and in shows,” described local community member Mark Dello Stritto.

As of the November Bellefonte Borough meeting, the vision will be coming to life. The board unanimously approved the project, and hope that construction will be  by early December. The rink will stretch over 60-feet long and 40-feet wide, with the ability to tear it down and rebuild it for over four years. 

According to, “the plan is to install the rink in the open space in front of the gazebo.” 

Additionally, a landscaping company will be hired to maintain the rink and the area surrounding it throughout the time it is up in the winter. This includes snow removal, debris cleaning, and more.

Within Bellefonte High School, one of the project’s sponsors includes local math teacher Mr. Jonathan Virgilio. Explained in a WTAJ article, over eight local businesses have pitched in $8,000 to construct the rink, with one of them being the local Gamble Mill, co-owned by Mr. Virgilio.

The math teacher became involved with the project when he was approached by another local business owner asking if he had wanted to get involved. The proposition was met with swift approval.

“I couldn’t resist because I loved the idea,” he said. 

Along with the advertisement that the Gamble Mill will get from its donation, Mr. Virgilio also saw it as a means to help benefit the community. 

“We wanted to provide people who venture out in Bellefonte more variety in outdoor activities,” he said. 

Overall, the project’s main goal is to bring the community together. The rink will allow all individuals in the Centre County area to join each other in skating around Talleyrand, within the Victorian Christmas aura.

“It allows for the community to come together, especially during the holiday season,” Mr. Virgilio said.