Leader on the field and in the classroom

Dominic Capperella, Sports & Entertainment Director

Senior Quinn Tooker is a very well-rounded student-athlete who, along with being in sports, is also involved in his fair share of clubs. Throughout his time at Bellefonte, he has become someone that anyone younger than him can easily admire both in and out of school. 

During his time at BAHS, Quinn has challenged himself in the classroom, and this year is no different – he is taking a handful of honors classes, as well as advanced placement classes.

“This year I am taking Government, English, AP European history, French 4 honors, AP Calculus, Honors Physics, and Photoshop. Some of my favorite teachers are Mrs. Eddinger, Mrs. Cirpo, Mr. Trumbull, and Mr. Freidhoff,” he said.

After concluding his time at Bellefonte, Quinn has plans to attend Penn State and major in Immunology, following in the footsteps of his father, John, who works at Penn State as an Entomologist and professor of Entomology.

Outside of the classroom, Quinn is involved in many extracurricular activities that are offered at BAHS. He is the acting vice president of Ski Club, captain of the boys’ soccer team, and member of the team since the sixth grade, as well as a member of Student Council, the baseball team, since freshman year, French Honor Society (FHS), and National Honor Society (NHS).

With being involved in so many different activities, clubs, sports and difficult classes, Quinn does not have very much free time to spend relaxing, but he enjoys the free time that he does have.

“In my free time I watch a lot of sports, hang out with my friends, and listen to music,” he said.

One of Quinn’s closest friends is a fellow soccer player, senior Shea Chapman. 

“Quinn and I have been friends since early elementary school. We met at a very young age, and have remained close friends since. I met Quinn in about second grade in school. We immediately became friends, and have built on that friendship since then,” Shea said.

Throughout the years, Quinn and Shea became close friends and eventually began to play soccer together.

“I joined the soccer team in sixth grade, joining him on the team. We have played together every year since then, this year being the last,” Shea said.

Having been friends for such a long time, they both think very highly of each other. Shea believes that Quinn is a great overall friend and as a person he is very respectful, intelligent, and an entertaining person to be around.