Britney Spears: How a conservatorship changed her life

Olivia Aberegg, Staff Reporter

#FreeBritney is a hashtag that has been trending for many months regarding the conservatorship of singer Britney Spears. 

Since becoming a pop star at the young age of 16, Britney has had many parts of her life controlled by her father; especially her finances and personal life. According to BBC, when her mental health began to decline in 2008, Spears was put under a conservatorship that allowed for someone else to be in control of these important aspects of her life.

After Britney’s divorce, she faced mental struggles and lost custody of her two children. She was even admitted into a mental hospital in 2008 after worrisome events, including when she refused to give her sons to the police when she lost custody. As a result of these outbursts the conservatorship was established. 

The conservatorship allowed for her father, Jamie Spears, to be in control of Britney’s estates and finances and her. Jamie was given control of Britney as a person and regulated her decisions and choices. Her father believed that this conservatorship was necessary and for her own good. He was her conservator from 2008 until 2019, when he stepped down and a court representative replaced him as conservator. 

According to the article on BBC, the conservatorship was restricting many aspects of Britney’s life and controlled her ability to get married,see her children, make financial decisions, and determine career choices. She was even refused the ability to go off of her birth control to be able to have another child. Britney was forced to go to rehab and could not refuse under the conservatorship.

The conservatorship lasted over a decade, and when she was put on trial she explained that the conservatorship made her life worse rather than make it better like it was intended to. After she spread awareness of the traumatizing experience, people rallied together and spoke out against the inhumane things Britney had to go through by sharing the hashtag #FreeBritney. 

Britney has been freed from her conservatorship and is back in control of her life. However, the conflicts regarding her father and the court cases will continue to be a problem even though the conservatorship was put to an end. Britney has made it apparent that her father has caused many traumatizing experiences in her life through the conservatorship, and even wants to press charges against him. 

Britney Spears continues to speak up about her times under the conservatorship and how it negatively impacted her life. But she is grateful to all of her fans and the people who helped her get out of the mess her father put her in by placing her under a conservatorship, and is happy to be back to her life and her freedoms.