Gifts from the heart

Brooke Kerr, Staff Reporter

During the holiday season, people love receiving and giving gifts, and gifts that touch their heart are even more special. A great way to touch someone’s heart is to make a gift. DIY gifts are a cheap and simple way to touch people’s hearts. DIY gifts can be a simple drawing or something extravagant like wreaths and ornaments. 

Coffee Mug

A great DIY gift for people is a coffee mug, which would be great for people who drink coffee or tea. According to A Crafted Passion website, getting a mug and marbling it is a quick and easy way to create a DIY mug. First, get a coffee mug of any kind and color preferable with no words or pictures on it, then wipe it down to make sure it is clean. 

Next, get a container deep and wide enough to fit a mug into and fill it with a couple inches of hot water, the hotter the water the better. Add drops of different color nail polish to the water and move it around to a design you like. 

Then, dip the mug slowly into the paint on top of the water but make sure the paint doesn’t get into the mug. Slowly remove the mug from the water and the mug should have a beautiful marble design on it. Lastly, set the mug upside down and allow it to dry for 24 hours. 

Holiday Wreaths 

Another great gift idea – especially for the holiday season – is a wreath. There are many ways to make a wreath; some are very difficult while some are easy. According to the Aubree Original website there is one easy way to make a wreath. 

First, to make this wreath you will need a bunch of pom poms of any color, a Styrofoam or wire wreath form, hot glue, ribbon, and any additional pieces that you may want to add. Take the ribbon and tie a loop around the wreath form to make a way to hang it, then hot glue the knot to the wreath form.

 Next, hot glue the pom poms all around the wreath form and make sure the wreath form cannot be seen after all the pom poms are hot glued on. Then, if you’d like to add additional decorations, you can then hot glue  them to the wreath. After that, make sure everything is intact and glued down so the wreath can be hung up. 

Mugs and wreath and used a lot during the colder month and holiday season. There are many more gift ideas out there that can be made at home. DIY gifts are a great way to touch people’s hearts instead of spending a bunch of money on a gift at the store.