Your new favorite movie


J. Willey, Staff Reporter

 Based on the murder of Maurizio Gucci, the movie House of Gucci is taking the media by storm. The movie, rated R due to its graphic adult scenes, is the story of Paterzia and Maurizio. It is a story of the beginning of their relationship, all the way to the end. It starts off with Paterzia Reggiani, who is played by Lady Gaga, and Maurizio Gucci, who is played by Adam Driver, who meet at a party. 

Moving on, the pair meet up again on the streets after the party, because Paterzia saw him and decided to speak to him again. The pair then became closer after these few weeks; they had fallen in love. Maurizio then left his father to be with Paterzia, because his father did not support their relationship. 

After that, Maurizio got a job working at Paterzia’s father’s truck company that he worked with. They then moved in together and found out they would be having their first child.

Paterzia, after finding out she was pregnant, wanted Maurizio to get involved with his family, the Gucci family. She wanted the family to have a good support system – mostly she wanted wealth. Paterzia was obsessed with Gucci and Maurizio’s money. She wanted her and Maurizio to be the head of Gucci, to have the most shares, and be in charge of Gucci. 

When Maurizio listens to Paterzia, he ends up driving a wedge between himself and his family. Betraying them and stabbing them in the back. It takes Maurizio a long time to realize Paterzia isn’t a good match for him due to how jealous and obsessive she is. After he sees her real personality during a meeting with friends, he decides to end the relationship. He then moves on to another lady, Paola Franchi, who Paterzia did not like. This caused her to go into a spiral of rage. That’s when things turn dark.

My opinion on this movie is that it was very well made. It was very interesting and tells the story accurately in the 2 hour and 30 minute film. The main characters, who are played by Adam Driver and Lady Gaga, did an outstanding job. At times I felt like I was there, and watched it happen. They played their parts to perfection. They chose a great cast, and such a good story line. I give this movie a 10/10, although some of the parts weren’t very appropriate in the film. It was excellently made and really brought the story to life for me when I was watching it.