Uplifting Student Inside and Outside of School

Rebecca Methven, Staff Reporter

He’s funny. He’s talented. He’s charming. BAHS senior David Galchenko is one of a kind. He is a loyal friend, dedicated student, and is helpful to all who come to him. As someone who is rigorously involved in activities inside and outside of the school atmosphere, it is hard to not look up to him as a fellow student. He leads with passion and is someone everyone could aspire to be like. 

“David is a warm, approachable person. It is easy to go to him with a question or concern because you know that he will help you out,”  junior Caden Guizar said. 

David is unique in the way that he will put others before his own needs. To assist others in their path to happiness is something he is truly passionate about.

David moved to America from Ukraine with his family when he was almost three years old. During his high school career he had started out attending State College High School for his freshman and sophomore year. However, for his junior year he transferred here to Bellefonte. Throughout his time here at Bellefonte David has reached the lives of many students and staff. He has also been viewed by all as a hard-working student.

Government teacher Mrs. Allyson Durney has David in class this year.

“David is an awesome participant and student. He does his best to share his knowledge in a way that enriches all of those around him. His outside knowledge is especially impressive and we all learn something when he shares about his heritage. His sense of humor helps to add to a lovely environment and he’s always willing to help anyone that needs it,” she said.

This year David also had made the bold choice to step outside of his comfort zone and join both the school’s Drama Club and is now involved in Choir.

“Drama has helped me come out of my comfort zone and try something I have always wanted to do. It has made me give my fullest to learn lines and to see that I am capable of learning new things when applying effort,” David said. 

The dedication David had brought to the fall play A Murder is Announced was truly shocking to many other participants. As a first time actor at Bellefonte, to get the lead male role as Inspector Craddock and be so dedicated to it is something truly valued in the Drama Department, and it overall changed the atmosphere for the better. 

“Having David in Drama this year was a ton of fun, he brought laughter around with him everywhere he went,” Caden said. 

Outside of school David is incredibly involved with his church activities which include three worship bands two of which he is in charge of, his church’s choir, youth ministry, kids camp, youth conferences that has at least 300 participants, youth retreats for groups of at least 50 people, two Bible studies, and he also takes preacher’s classes.

Inside of school David is taking advanced classes such as Senior Institute and AP Psychology. After David’s high school career he plans on either attending Lock Haven University or Penn State Altoona to pursue a major in psychology. AP Psychology teacher Mrs. Christine Morris thinks that David will be successful beyond high school for many reasons.

He is empathetic and understanding of everyone that he meets. My advice to David will be to keep in mind that everyone is on their own journey and needs to have someone present to share successes, vent, and be encouraged to follow their dreams,” she said.