Model UN: Students representing America

Olivia Aberegg, Staff Reporter

Justice. Resolutions. Laws. Rules. All of these are included in Model UN, a club that imitates the structure of the government under the supervision of teacher Mr. Edward Fitzgerald. 

On December 3, the Bellefonte Model UN students traveled to Penn Tech College in Williamsport to compete in a Mock Constitutional Convention. At this event, the students modeled the constitutional convention from the late 1700s that formed America. The students debated and passed resolution papers that “changed” the first three amendments of the Constitution to make them better fit today’s society.

Three Bellefonte students, senior Ella Underwood and juniors Cecilia Stanton and Noah Aberegg, represented the state of California during the Mock Constitutional Convention. By representing California, they acted as the state’s legislative, executive, and judicial branches and proposed possible changes to society and the government. Some of the resolutions that the students made were term limits for supreme court justices, abolishing the presidential pardon, and a maximum amount of terms that a legislator can hold.

Noah Aberegg won the Best Parliamentarian award during the event. The honor was achieved through adherence to competition rules. Noah was also named individual superior delegate as a good representative of California and superior delegation with Cecilia Stanton and Ella Underwood for their overall representation. 

Cecilia also won an individual superior delegation award for her representation of the state of California. This event was the first in-person conference that Cecilia attended. 

“It was great to go to my first in person conference even though it wasn’t an official model UN conference. It was a different experience completely to talk in front of people in person as opposed to over zoom,” Cecilia said.

Sophomore Emma Liadis also won various awards, including an individual award for superior delegate and an award for superior delegation for the representation of the state of Ohio along with sophomore Cedric Bagwell.

Model UN has provided many opportunities for the individuals involved. Contact supervisor, Mr. Fitzgerald, to get involved and join Model UN.