BHS students break state records

Alex Ebeling, Staff Reporter

On November 20, three Bellefonte Area High School students attended a weight-lifting competition. This competition was the seed to begin their own personal powerlifting careers. For senior Dorian Koelle and juniors Aidan Larimer and Cooper Funk, this was their first powerlifting competition.

Dorian stood out at this event, as he broke two state records for his weight class. The first record that he broke was a one rep max on squat, in which he managed to get up 340 lbs. This lift was a special moment of the day. 

“My favorite moment of the meet was my final attempt on squat which was a state and personal record,” Dorian said.

Dorian also broke the state record for the three lift total, which includes bench press squat and deadlift. He combined for 935 lbs over the course of the three events.

Junior Aidan Larimer just recently got introduced to powerlifting competitions, but loved the event overall.

“My favorite moment was being around that environment and doing my lifts,” he said. 

He has received training at Nittany Barbell in order to prepare himself for moments like this.

“After going to Nittany Barbell and being trained by Rochelle and being around that environment [it] gave me interest in powerlifting and strongman competitions,” he said. 

Aidan did not personally break any records this go around, but is looking forward to the next competition. 

“I will definitely do any competitions that I have the chance to do,” he said.

Junior Cooper Funk was the last of the three students to attend the competition. Personally Cooper wanted to attend to, “get a start in my powerlifting career and be encouraged to compete by not only the Nittany Barbell Club members, but also my coach Rochelle.”

Cooper personally beat three of his own records during the competition, making it a day to remember. 

“I beat my previous deadlift of 455 by 20 lbs at 475, then I beat that record again at the gym at 500. I beat my previous squat of 405 by 35 lbs at 440. Additionally, I’m not sure what my previous total was, but I beat that at 1,185 [within the three events],” he said. 

Cooper also enjoyed the atmosphere at the event, “I enjoyed being able to support the others competing for our gym,” he said.

All three of these students are eager and looking forward to the next big competition. 

“The next competition is in February and there is lots of work to be done,” Cooper said.