Alum David Capperella runs his local business

Matthew Zandi, Staff Reporter

After graduating from Bellefonte Area High School, past alumni branch out in many directions. Some get job opportunities that keep them in the state in places like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Others leave the state entirely and move hours away. But not very many stay local in Bellefonte like Bellefonte Class of 1983 alum David Capperella. 

Dave is the president of Capperella Furniture. The business is located at 660 Pleasantview Blvd, about 1.2 miles away from the school. The company is planning for the future.

“Our current and near future business plans for the company are to continue to grow our local market share in the home furnishings market,” he said.
Since the economy in the country is very volatile, Capperella Furniture won’t be expanding into any new or different markets in the near future.

Dave joined the family business in 2001. He graduated from Bellefonte Area High School in the Class of 1983, then he graduated from Penn State University with a bachelor’s degree in finance in 1987. Two years later he founded Wise Leasing Inc. The company eventually folded into Keystone Networking Inc., for which he served as the vice president.  KNI was sold in 2000, and so Dave joined Capperella Brothers Inc. 

As for his time in high school, Dave reflected on the era, which looked much different than today. 

“I think the greatest difference in student life must be that we did  not have the technology that you have today. We had one Apple computer in the school that some students had the opportunity to start to use.” 

There have also been many renovations of the school since his graduation. 

“In my days, the two-story portion of the school was relatively new. Since then, the entire school has been renovated, including more gym space, parking, and open space. And, finally the football field and track have been upgraded.” 

Now, the school has three floors. Almost the entire school has changed since his graduation. 

Dave spends a lot of his time volunteering for organizations. He was a chair member of such organizations as the Mid-State Private Industry Council, Central PA Workforce Investment Board, PA WIB Association, and the Chamber of Business & Industry of Centre County. Nowadays, he is the vice chair of the Spring Township Board of Supervisors. He is also a board member of the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau and a member of the St. John’s Catholic Church Finance Council. 

Dave is now living his life in these organizations and running Capperella Brothers Inc. He doesn’t plan on moving himself and his family out of Bellefonte anytime soon.