One who does it all

Dominic Capperella, Sports & Entertainment Director

Senior Tori Reichert is stretched thin around Bellefonte Area High School. She has been involved in sports for many years and clubs, where she takes on extra work as an executive, all while continuing to challenge herself in the classroom during her senior year. 

This year, Tori decided to become a manager for the football team. She is also involved in Student Council, in which she acts as the secretary, and Mini-Thon, where she acts as the senior chairperson and overall chairperson. Other clubs she is in include Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Ski Club, National Honor Society (NHS), and the Senior Class Cabinet. 

As for sports, Tori has been on the high school softball team since freshman year and will be the only senior returning to the team this year. During her time with the softball team, they have seen much success winning District Championships and making deep state playoff runs, winning games year in and year out.

“I am taking classes such as AP Statistics, Child Development 2, AP European History, Drawing and Painting, as well as Home Design,” Tori said.

Tori has taken many different classes during her time at BAHS but one teacher that has taught Tori multiple times is consumer sciences teacher, Mrs. Weaver. Tori has taken three classes with Mrs. Weaver and she loves having her in class.

Tori is a great student. She always has great ideas and does exactly what is asked of her. She never complains, and always has a positive attitude,” Mrs. Weaver said. “Having Tori in class makes the classroom a better place. She brings a positive outlook and a strong work ethic to class every day. She has taken several of my classes and is always a joy.”

She is taking classes to challenge herself for when she goes to college next year. With her interests in currently playing softball and in the past playing basketball, it makes sense that Tori plans on majoring in sports management and marketing in college.

“I plan to attend college after high school at either James Madison University or Ohio University,” Tori said.

Outside of school in her limited free time, Tori enjoys reading books, watching all kinds of sports, listening to different types of music, and playing softball whether it be backyard, travel, or just practice. 

“I love to spend time with my friends, such as going on adventures to new places. I love to travel and spend time with my family,” Tori said.

One of Tori’s closest friends is fellow senior Haylee Marucci who has been friends with Tori since elementary school. The two of them have many good memories together from school events to events with friends.

“We like to play Just Dance, go shopping, and cook,” Haylee said. “Some of my favorite things about Tori are how caring she is to everyone, how she supports me, and her positive attitude.”