The Red & White’s local holiday gift guide


Pauline Alterio and Lilly Guenther

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? The Red & White has you covered. Below is a comprehensive list of local shops and businesses in Centre County that will perfectly suit your holiday needs. Stop by for a unique gift or gift card to give to your family and friends. 


The Animal Kingdom: Located on Allen Street, State College, the Animal Kingdom offers a wide selection of cute and original toys, games, and other gifts that can be enjoyed by young children with a variety of interests. 

Growing Tree Toys: This shop, a “sister store” of The Animal Kingdom, according to their website, “has been bringing happiness to “Happy Valley” for over 40 years by providing the best playthings for children while creating awareness to the essential value of play.

  Jakes Cards and Games: Located on High Street, Bellefonte, amongst other local businesses, offers a selection of video and board games, as well as related merchandise and other products, that are the perfect gift for ages ranging from older children through adults.

Clothing and beauty:

Helen Foxx & Co: A wonderful shop nestled in the heart of Bellefonte, Helen Foxx & Co offers a wide, traditional selection of clothing for feminine adults.

Lock Boutique: Located just a short walk from Helen Foxx & Co, Lock Boutique puts a shining spin on clothing, giving to customers a curated collection of modern pieces.

Three Little Birds’ Boutique: A beautiful boutique that stresses the importance of personal comfort and style for women, who are offered an “uplifting culture” to shop a variety of higher end clothing. 

Classy Cuts: Just a couple blocks from the Bellefonte court house, Classy Cuts gives customers an inviting atmosphere to receive all kinds of hair cuts and styles. 


The Tavern: Recently remodeled, the Tavern is a local favorite known for its elegantly served cuisine made of an enormous variety of food. 

The Gamble Mill: Reopened just this fall, the Gamble Mill is a historic restaurant well known for its incredibly crafted culinary dishes. Now back for the modern age, the Mill offers new food every week that is sourced only from local farms and fields. 

The Wok: Located on Alleghany street in Bellefonte, the Wok is a locally owned chinese restaurant known to Bellefonte for over a decade. While its buffet and in-person dining is not currently open, take-out is still available. 

State Burger Co.: Located on the corner of Alleghany Street in Bellefonte, State Burger Co. offers not only great food and atmosphere, but also the fun experience of designing and naming your own burger, to add a little excitement to your meal. 

Berkey Creamery: Just a short skip from Penn State’s main promenade, the Berkey Creamery offers dozens of deliciously unique flavors every day. Take-home quarts and other quick snacks are also available.

Arts and crafts:

2000 Degrees Pottery: This business offers the opportunity to choose, paint, and glaze pieces of pottery, as well as to view demonstrations and learn techniques from workers and professionals. This is a unique experience which can be enjoyed alone or with friends and family. 

Belle Mercantile: If you prefer to buy your artwork, or a variety of other interesting pieces, visit Belle Mercantile in Bellefonte, “a collective marketplace featuring local artisan, handmade, vintage, and unique finds.”

Jabebo: Jabebo offers imaginative, interesting, and environmentally-friendly earrings made of recycled materials, for those with a “curious heart.”