Exploring Paris

Alexis Eakin, Staff Reporter

While most of us spent the holidays at home eating cookies, senior Gabrielle Brezler took a seven-day trip to Paris. Between December 29 and January 3 she went on many explorations, had some delicious food, and went on guided tours. 

While traveling abroad, there are so many fun and amazing things to experience.

“My favorite part was being able to immerse myself in a different culture. It was very interesting to experience something new like that,” Gabby said. 

While Parisians are sometimes stereotypes as unfriendly, Gabby had an overall positive experience interacting with them. 

“Everyone was very kind. They were very patient with us and always put their best efforts forward for us, which was very nice. I didn’t really have a negative experience with anyone,” she said..  

A lot of her conversations she had in french were when it came to ordering her food, but it was not as hard as she thought it would be. 

“The sentence I used the most was ‘je n’est pas francais’ (I am not French), because sometimes people would come up and ask for directions or what something was and I really had no idea what they were saying,” she said.

Naturally rumor has it there’s a restaurant in the Eiffel tower. It lights up in blue at night to celebrate france’s presidency over the european union, 

“Of course I saw the eiffel tower! It was beautiful.” 

As one can imagine, there are many food places to try in while in Paris. Gabby tried foie gras, which is fattened duck or goose liver. She also had duck pâté, which is spreadable duck meat and fats. 

“I did NOT like foie gras. I tried so hard to like it but I really just could not do it.”

Along with many foods to try were also many desserts. Of course she had traditional french crepes, macaroons, and raspberry chocolate cake. 

“I LOVED the desserts and whatnot. They were so delicious, I’d go back to France just to eat those again,” she said.

Gabby hopes to continue her trips abroad, which might not happen in the near future, but hopefully will happen within the next few years.