The best pizza choice in Bellefonte

Hope Martin and J. Willey

Have you ever wondered what pizza shop would be the best to go to with your friends? In Downtown Bellefonte, we have five pizza shops, but we will be visiting only two of the places and reviewing which two we consider to be the best.

First, Pizza Mia. The pizza here would give a solid 8.5/10. The food is usually very good and they make very noteworthy pizza. They also have an item called a “Doggie”- a hoagie in pizza form worth a rating of 9/10. To us this is a very good place to have family dinner or takeout, which is always prompted when picking up. When in the restaurant, your food is presented in a timely manner– hot and ready. However, it does need a few minutes to cool before eating. In our personal opinion, we do not think this would be a good date place. It seems more like a homey family and friend establishment. Going out with a friend or family seems like it would be the better option. Though, if you did want to make it a date, the dessert pizza is a great option. 

When in Bellefonte, be sure not to forget about the Hofbrau. Not only is the pizza amazing, but they also offer a wide variety of food that can be eaten there or taken home as takeouts. We highly suggest eating in, however, because the atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable. You receive the pizza on classic stands. Hope’s family typically gets pizza with a pitcher of cherry coke. This place is very near and dear to Hope’s heart, because her family would go there every Thursday. They would order a pizza and coke and just enjoy the quality family time. The waiters are very kind and never rush you. This place is an amazing option for family, dates, and friends to relax and enjoy.

Of the two amazing restaurants, our top choice would have to be the Hofbrau because of the food quality and comfortable atmosphere. The Hofbrau ranks high for all categories: dates, family dinner, and takeouts. When you have an overwhelming craving for that tasty pizza, head down to the Hofbrau for a delicious meal. We hope you enjoy either of these fantastic food places as much as we have, and have an excellent time with your friends and family.