From Bellefonte to the Big Apple

Annaliese Witmer, Sports Editor

After graduating from Bellefonte Area High School in 2021, Lily Wichert is now attending New York University (NYU) in the heart of New York City. 

Throughout her time in high school, Lily maintained an active role in the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, Model UN, SADD Club, and varsity lacrosse. Lily was also highly involved in The Red & White student newspaper. 

In her senior year at Bellefonte, she acted as the copy editor for the paper and managed multiple internships in the journalism field.  Lily is now double majoring in journalism and political science.  

She especially loves how much NYU values the importance of culture and different perspectives. 

My specific program at NYU requires that [by 2025], I spend a year abroad. I’m looking forward to choosing a destination (or even two) in the next few months. I appreciate the perspectives I’ve gained from professors and curriculum that makes a point to teach the history and lifestyles of a multitude of places,” Lily said.

Lily has had a multitude of challenges with adapting to NYC from Bellefonte but it has become easier over time. 

“I really enjoy having the ability to explore the city with friends or even on my own,” she said.

Though she loves NYC, she still misses Bellefonte – especially nature.  

“I have always enjoyed the outdoors so moving into its polar opposite certainly took some time for me.” 

She also has gained a new appreciation for Bellefonte. One of the biggest things that Lily learned from living in Bellefonte is that  “anyone can accomplish anything- regardless of where you live or the size of your town.” 

“NYU has always been my dream school, and many times I questioned if it was in the cards for me, coming from a relatively small area,” she said. 

However, with the right mindset, self confidence, and a lot of hard work, Lily made her dream school a reality. 

After college Lily plans to attend law school, possibly even at NYU. In the meanwhile she is hoping to continue her journalism career while pursuing a career in law.