High school sport recognizes teachers throughout the district


Photo by Mrs. Rados

Mrs. Allyson Durney and her daughter Mia, with basketball senior Hana Rados on Teacher Appreciation Night.

Alex Ebeling, Student Engagement Coordinator

Teacher Appreciation Night: the annual event for the Bellefonte girls’ basketball team when each senior on the team gets to choose one teacher to honor for the significance they had on their life. 

According to varsity coach Marcus Toomer, the importance of Teacher Appreciation Night is to, “Be able to recognize all of the great teachers in our school district and all of the hard work they put in every day.”

“Teachers are positive role models to our players and we want our community to see that in action,” Coach Toomer said.

This evening also shows the teachers what kind of impact they have on their students. Math teacher Mrs. Susan Besch  was honored to be chosen. “I had so much fun hanging out with Emalee [Neff] and her teammates before the game,” she said.

She teaches many math courses at the BAHS. She believes she was selected because she tries to “keep them entertained and actively learning.”

Mrs. Besch enjoyed the environment of the event.

 “It was also nice to see a well mixed group of teachers from not only the high school, but also teachers who have made an impact on their lives way back to elementary school,” she said.

This night also has an effect on the students just as much as the teachers.

  “It is a positive impact for both the players and teachers. It gives the players the opportunity to express their gratitude for what impact the teacher has had on them,” Coach Toomer said.

Senior Hana Rados felt that the night shows that students really appreciate the work teachers put in. Hana chose government teacher Mrs. Allyson Durney. 

“Her class is the highlight of my day. I genuinely appreciate the time and effort she puts in to make learning government fun,” she said.  “She’s also a very amazing person with an amazing heart,” she said.

Teacher Appreciation Night is a chance for the student athletes to show their appreciation as well as show their thankfulness to these teachers.