Cliche gifts for Valentine’s Day

Evan Culter, Staff Reporter

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, individuals are wondering what is a good gift to get their partner. There are multiple gifts to choose from so it truly doesn’t matter what someone chooses. The following is not a list of recommendations, but rather opinions on different gifts for Valentine’s Day…and what better person for the job to give his opinion than someone who has never dated?

The first gift that I will be looking at is chocolates. Chocolates are one of the most popular gifts that are given on Valentine’s Day. According to Statista, candy and sweets are the most popular gifts to give, ranking at 44%.  My opinion is that no one can go wrong with chocolates as a gift. I have more of a curiosity about how chocolates are very popular in many different holidays. It has many ties to Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. It also has its own holiday on July 7. I love chocolate but I feel like other candies deserve the spotlight every once and a while. 

The second gift that I will be looking into is flowers. Another gift that is very popular on the holiday of Valentine’s Day. It is the third most popular gift according to Statista, with 32%. Roses are the most popular form of flower that is used but there are also lilies and tulips. I think that flowers are nice, but there is one thing that I find interesting: Roses have thorns on them. Why would the most popular flower to give to a loved one also have the possibility of hurting them? That is something I always found odd.

The third and final gift that I will talk about are teddy bears. It might be surprising that they are not even on Satista’s list.  Teddy bears are odd for a Valentine’s Day present because they are usually made for kids but it is easily one of my favorites. They are usually very soft and have those black little beady eyes. They can be very creepy. But how did they become so popular when they are based on huge creatures that can maul someone? Bears can kill yet we created a toy that is meant for hugs. That’s quite odd in my opinion. 

On a more serious note. My biggest advice is one of the most simple: Preferences are key. If someone’s partner likes chocolates more than roses, then get them chocolates. It truly doesn’t matter what trends that Valentine’s Day has. Whatever makes your partner happy, you get that for them. Do what makes them happy and loved because that’s what Valentine’s Day is supposed to celebrate. Love.